Why do people avoid games that they claim are "kiddy"?

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  3. Why do people avoid games that they claim are "kiddy"?

User Info: A_Nonny_Moose

4 years ago#51
Same reason (most) people stop watching kids cartoons after a certain point. You just become interested in other stuff.

User Info: MetroidFan9999

4 years ago#52
Because they got beat up as a child, and would rather forget that era.
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4 years ago#53
My mother is 52 and I am 25. Her and I went through New Super Mario Brothers Wii U together. One of the most cherished memories I will ever have.

If you cannot enjoy a Mario game because you think you are too mature, then you have a very unique definition of the word.

User Info: echiex

4 years ago#54
lol what is mean to be adult you cant enjoy what you want?

game are create for fun just play it

well i understand teenage want to be accepted by friends

User Info: MRL3G3ND

4 years ago#55
because they are grown men...

one of the stereotypes people have about video games is that they are still boopity boop boop cutesy Mario type games. They have no clue that the majority of games are mature rated, and take on the same adult themes and plots as the best blockbuster movies

imagine a grown man playing Kirby...it's a sign that his mentality has not progressed beyond childhood if he is entertained by such simple concepts.

kiddy games to me are like watching the teletubbies
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User Info: Joey-Zaza

4 years ago#56
Lefty confirmed for being a teenager.
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User Info: Joey-Zaza

4 years ago#57
Sure go ahead and play only "adult" games. But obviously, when you're married, and you have children, and your wife likes mario, you're either going to have to play those games or just annoy the crap out of your family. Whatever, it's your life, you can live it alone in your parents basement if you'd like to.
"I guess you could say I BLUE... myself!" - Tobias Funke
-StarTropics- -Golden Sun- -Ocarina of Time-

User Info: coltsfan4ever31

4 years ago#58
Ignorance TC. I'm open to play anything as long as its fun. Little Big Planet was one of my favorite games this gen. My wife hardly plays games and I remember both of us enjoying the multiplayer a lot together. I'm also a father of two now. Ages 4 and 2. I still play mature games but I try not to in front of our daughters. I played Rayman Legends and my daughters were having a ball too. They thought it was a cartoon.lol Anyways people need to open their minds up a little more. You can miss out on some gems just because a game is "kiddy" looking.

User Info: ILikesCheese

4 years ago#59
Foppe posted...
Underage kids already lie about they age when they create a account here, so why stopping there?

You can usually spot them by their bad spelling and horrible grammar.


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User Info: The_DOAM

4 years ago#60
2 years want to be big kids

13 years want to be adults

and grown men who use the terms mature or kiddie are overcompensating for something that is lacking in their lives. I'd give you a hint but most of these so called kiddie adults are kids that lie about their ages. Currently school is still in session and while some kids post on their smart phone during school hours. I bet the educational level of this post will plummet like a rock.

You also have to understand when someone says the term kiddie they technically individuals who have no self identity. They live but what they interpret the social norms to premit them too. So their interrpretation of mature is what someone else has defined for them. Basically their sheep who cannot make decisions for themselves and can only get buy through conforming.

Two types of people in this world Sheep and Lions and Lions don't give a D*** what anyone says about them they just do. While sheep cower and follow orders without question living their entire lives in a pen never once questioning what's on the other side. If you have to use the terms kiddie or mature your a sheep and if you don't care what anyone thinks and do what you yourself want to do without outside interferance then your a lion.

You don't outgrow anything every experience defines who you are and should be embraced. The reason some people look at cartoons these days and say the s*** is because they do. Heck I watched Tom and Jerry as a kid and they smoked, drank, and shot guns in that show. Can't have any of that in todays modern shows it's not becasue it's kiddie it's just becasue it's regulated. Watch or play something you once did as a child with your own children and you can't tell me that doesn't bring back that childhood enjoyment.

Looking forward when all the kiddies get off school and flood this post. Different time zone I know and some are already on these boards.
Ignorance is Bliss...
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