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User Info: VoidBeyond

4 years ago#51
iSkadoosh posted...
pblimp360 posted...

I'm curious skynet, do you still believe that this is a person who doesn't want to fight anymore? Cause to me it looks like someone who wants to continue taking shots, but from the comfort of the ignore button.

See this is the thing, and this troll knows it, he and other trolls hound this board all day and whenever you show interest in something positive you're called names and put down, and now he wants to pretend and act as if he didn't go about doing just that.

I've never denied this. In fact I've admitted on numerous occasions that some of my posts are aimed at winding fanboys like him up, yet he continues to fall for them, It's rather amusing.

The reason he was labeled as a troll was because for months he, like Metroid and other notorious trolls came here on a daily basis putting fans and the system down, and when called out on it he started to stalk and insult me, and then act as if I was hounding him. It's borderline insane.

Another lie, I've only been posting here for a couple of weeks. I've also already provided proof that it is in fact him doing the stalking and insulting, why he posted this after being proven wrong I have no idea. He does get one thing right here though, that sort of behaviour is borderline insane.

Now on my own faults, instead of ignoring this and other trolls, I got upset and tried to fight fire with fire, and as numerous as the trolls are, and due to the unhealthy amount of time I spend here, my post count points directly to that. Anger was a big part, I agree. So I tried to take your advice, Skynet and stop doing it, but my anger prevents me from doing so.

Fixed for accuracy

I agree, and these people are sad. But again, I'm taking your advice and stopping my responses to them and sticking to like minded normal people like yourself and other true fans/gamers.

400+ posts defending a plastic box and attacking anyone who criticizes it, yet he still has the audacity to call other people sad. This my friends is what you would call a delusional fanboy.

Is anyone else enjoying this as much as I am? He could have just left with what little dignity he had when he ignored me, yet he still continues to embarrass himself.

Do you not spend daily activities bashing this board? You're no better. You're purposefully acting innocent to insight anger from him, that's called trolling. I've seen how you post around here, you do not come with in peace to talk about differences in the consoles, you come to anger people, maybe once in a while that isn't true but the majority of people are here to either anger people who support the XB1 (IE: Lol, PS4 50 times stronger, Xbone so weak.) or support XB1 with audacious claims ( DA POWA OF CLOOUUDD)
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