lol at PS 4onies. Xbox Won will be the better system.

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User Info: SaintSeiyaX

4 years ago#11
Ramsus082 posted...
TC is a terrible person, but I'm a sucker for NBA discussion.

TC, the (lol)Knicks don't need a new GM, they need a new owner. James Dolan would rather win the press conference than the playoffs. That's why he signs "big" names who are years past their prime, because the New York media is absolutely ruthless, and the guy owns MSG and doesn't want to be the butt of jokes. This is why their roster is perennially one of the most expensive, regardless of whether they're in the playoffs or the lottery; they're going to sell-out regardless because they're in the largest basketball market in the country, and if he can satisfy the media and his celebrity friends with a competitive roster every year, it doesn't matter how many ludicrous contracts they sign or draft picks they ship away in ridiculous trades. It'll all be worth it.

I agree Dolan sucks.
I wish the Knicks had Morey. Not because of his GM prowess but because he would improve our team defense and lower the overall team age.

User Info: scoobydoobydont

4 years ago#12
Xbox Won? That's even worse than Xbone, and Xbone was pretty stupid...
"I don't hate people, I just feel better when they're not around." - Charles Bukowski

User Info: georgewduff1

4 years ago#13
The_Nightwing posted...
SaintSeiyaX posted...
The Xbox Won will have 4 must have games at launch... not even 1 for PS 4ony!!!!!

Because opinions are facts now, am I right?

on this board...anything is possible...
XboxOne and my gaming addiction are perfect match :)

User Info: Kenny_the_Sharc

4 years ago#14
I'm a Xbox fan, and even I think you are a jackass TC.


4 years ago#15
Four-onies? wut


4 years ago#16
Xbone is in deep crap. Just accept it and pray MS pulls a Sony and can come back.
PS3 / 3DS / 2600K@4.7Ghz water cooled by Corsair H80, Dual GTX580s in SLi, 8 Gigs Corsair RAM, 120Hz screen. Vsync? I don't need no Vsync!

User Info: JohnHalo343

4 years ago#17
I agree. PS4 is gonna be shut down by the Xbox on account of the fact that it will have more good, honest, hardworking players supporting it.

I think it would be funny if PS4 fans just went out and bought an Xbox One just to troll people on Xbox Live, because it is essentially the same thing they do here, minus $500.
Official Voice of the Xbox One Community

User Info: Groudon199

4 years ago#18
4ony? What is that, some mutated pony? Or is that supposed to be "aony" (which makes even less sense)?

User Info: ImThe8thWonder

4 years ago#19
Think he's trying to say Playstation "phony." Doesn't really work when people try to apply the R sound from fouR.

User Info: regsantotomas

4 years ago#20
Is furoni a new type of pasta used by Italian trolls?
the bitter truth is that in the grand scheme of things, the average piece of junk is probably more meaningful than our criticism designating it so. ~ Anton Ego
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