Why you still don't like Xbox One - How can it change?

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User Info: X1-4Ever

3 years ago#21
The hyperbole in this topic is really beyond belief, even for GameFAQs.

Are you listening to yourselves here?

User Info: AFreeby

3 years ago#22
The only thing that would get me to possibly buy an XB1 is for Microsoft not to make it. I hate their business practices, and I dislike what they bring to the hobby of gaming.
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User Info: yazman666

3 years ago#23
I do like xbone ..i never said the contrary..its the company behind it the one who i dont trust no more...
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User Info: jrr18

3 years ago#24
they could go back in time and kill john Conner I the jrr101 would find this helpful for my masters future endeavors. oh and well there in the past they could stop the guy who came up with the dumbass ideas
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User Info: Zague77

3 years ago#25
I remember getting an email from MS advertising the console shortly after the reveal. One of the things it said was something like:

"Have you ever wanted to chat to a friend on Skype while watching a film?"

My honest answer is no, why on earth would I want that? If I wanted to speak to someone I'd pause the film, otherwise I'd have to rewind afterwards to catch what I'd missed. That this (and others that had nothing to do with gaming) was one of their key selling points told me that MS and I just aren't on the same page anymore. Despite the subsequent 180s, the reveal set out their true vision for the future of gaming, and it's simply not one I can get on board with at the moment.

Maybe when a Kinect-free console is released (if it ever is) then I might get one. Or after a good few months or years when I can at least be satisfied that motion control isn't taking over too much. (Not only do I not want motion control, I would actually struggle to use it due to health problems - so MS pushing it so hard is not comforting.) Until then I just keep checking the board and other sites hoping to see that they've caved in on Kinect like they have on so much else.

That's my own - admittedly selfish - point of view. Fair enough to everyone who does want Kinect and that future with Major Nelson. I just want to play games with a controller.

p.s. I'm not getting a PS4 anytime soon either, as there are no games (on either console) that I'm actually excited for yet :(
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User Info: Shura_Surplice

3 years ago#26
Paul_Atreides posted...
I see much negativity here regarding Xbox One. I am wondering why it still remains after changes and how MS can change that. If you do like it, please tell me what you think would help others to like it as well. As for why I ask I cannot yet say, but my reasons are sound.

Why should I like them? why should I want a Xbone? I was a fan of MS ith the 360 (thatīs my only console right now) but after all the crappy policies they had and the fact that:

They insist in forcing Kinect which I donīt like nor care about
Controller still uses batteries
No bluetooth (the main reason why I will need an adapter for my $250 dollar headset Turtle Beach Tango)
They want me to pay more for a weaker console
They give a free game to Australia, NZ and Europe and they give nothing in my country (where we probably pay even more than the people in Europe)

F Microsoft, I am gonna go with the PS4.

User Info: FZATMOI

3 years ago#27
I don't like Kinect and I won't pay $100 for it. If they offer the new system without Kinect I'll buy it on the first day. But I'll never buy it otherwise.

That reminds me of something I've been wondering. Will it be possible to buy a used Xbone without Kinect in a few months?

User Info: DrRockso87

3 years ago#28
I don't dislike the Xbox One. I just don't have time for it.

Decided I'm picking up PS4 and Wii-U this year. Since both the PS4 and Xbox One share many of the same games and so far only a couple exclusives really interest me (none out this year except for Crimson Dragon), I'm going to wait on a price drop for Xbox One first.

Maybe when it's $400 or so.

User Info: MRL3G3ND

3 years ago#29
Period point blank
everyone drank the kool aide on the Kinect the first time...it's basically a fail device
nobody wants it
yet they make us buy it...

if they want to guarantee a win, they need to - another $50 due to the fact it's a weak console and doesn't have a life beyond the next 3 years.
how many halo's and forza's can carry a system?
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User Info: melvin343

3 years ago#30
TC MS was not looking into the future of gaming, they were looking into the future making more money with that Policy BS they did and now going back in forth with this is just telling us that MS never care about there fans, they were trying to be Steam which should never happen. Microsoft did a horrid job explaining what they were trying to sell. On the heels of Orth's 'deal with it' debacle, they tried selling us a Steam-like service without the price and convenience benefits Steam offers and definitely without the gamer goodwill that makes us think they know what they're doing.

The fact that we received so many conflicting reports of what the system would and would not do lent credence to even outlandish rumors, and the fact remains that when you can physically buy something you feel like you own the product, not just a license.
no one signs up to Steam for all the DRM.
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