Microsoft STILL doesn't see what they tried to do as wrong

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User Info: assassin10133

4 years ago#51
PhoenixPrince posted...
saleonkennedy posted...
They have not done a single thing wrong. If you dont like their new policies, then buy a ps4. They did change their policies so why are people still crying? I would have been fine with the original model with its policy plans set in place.

Ps4 fanboys are trolls trollin, but those who decided to cry about it are just spoiled brats. You and others like you have ruined the console for me even though at this time it is still a good console. Then you have the audacity to get on and try to shame them for doing things wrong in the first place. Even though they changed their console for the customers who cried. Instead they turned their backs on the the ones who stood by them. Can you see why I am dissapointed by this topic?

Keep telling yourself that, really. Do you think Microsoft browses GameFAQs looking for people's opinions? I bet you expect they gather valuable intelligence from /b/ too. They knew exactly how many preorders they were getting, that info was all readily available to them. So what happens? They pull up the data after E3. "Okay.. slow start, but we've got a fair few." A couple days after, "Not much of an increase.." Couple weeks after "Dang.. these numbers are really low. Not at all what we were hoping for. Maybe we need to change some things, get rid of that DRM."

Sure, the people dissatisfied had something to do with it, but I guarantee you it was their low numbers that made them change. If they had a million preorders, which is a really great launch, do you really think they'd have given a damn?

Question: Why is it that pre DRM 180 everyone was saying to speak with your wallet and not buy/pre-order and that that was the best way to tell Microsoft the consumer isn't happy and isn't going to put up with the DRM, but now after the 180 people are saying MS wasn't listening to the consumer, they were listening to the pre-order numbers? I mean if people were encouraged to speak with their wallets are the two not one and the same? I'm not disputing that it was the pre-order #s that brought the 180 about, but to me that seems like a form of listening to the consumer. People were mad, it was suggested they speak with their wallets and not buy so they don't, MS sees consumers don't like the XB1 in the message that pre-orders were horrible and listens to the feedback they received directly from the consumer via bad pre-order #s. After that it didn't take a rocket scientist to figure our what to axe first, so at least to me that sounds like MS did in fact listen to the consumer by taking note of the horrible pre-order #s.
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  3. Microsoft STILL doesn't see what they tried to do as wrong

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