Why are PS4 fanboys so obsessed with the Xbox One? It has barely any advantages

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User Info: ImThe8thWonder

4 years ago#51
Here are the objective benefits the PS4 has to offer:

- Price
- Theoretically more power

Here are objective XB1 benefits:

- Online servers

ANYTHING ELSE are typically subjective variables, or speculation. PS4 has plenty of smaller benefits as well. Don't cherry pick small, non crucial XB1 benefits and act like PS4 won't have any as well. Not that any of that really matters, because those smaller things are conveniences at best, they're not drastic improvements or benefits that could make or break a console, such as points I just listed. Also, family sharing doesn't exist yet, so I don't know why you list it as a benefit for the XB1 in the present moment.

And one more thing: no, no, NO. You don't have to be a Sony fan to dislike the XB1. If Sony was throwing even half of this **** at me, I can guarantee you that I wouldn't show support of their console.

The other hilarious thing about Kinect is that Ponies try to list it as a negative. But it isn't a negative. It can only be a positive. It gives you a 6 player motion controller, more games that work with motion and voice controls, auto sign-ins, much smoother abilities to multitask, type with voice and do UI functions without ever accessing menus or stopping your game.

You're grasping at straws. Those things are conveniences, they're not points that would make the kinect suddenly matter to people if they dislike it. I am fine with 4 player control set-ups, I am fine not having any bit of motion of voice integration in my games, I am fine just hitting a button to sign in, and I am fine navigating with a controller. You know what I am not fine with? The extra cost of having the kinect bundled into my console. Those things only matter if they hold strong personal value to someone, but that doesn't make it relevant towards proving the kinect's value or the XB1's value.

User Info: bottledancer

4 years ago#52
They are just nervous because the 360 pooped on the PS3 sales in the USA. Which is the only country that matters. They know the One will poop on the PS4 here as well
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User Info: TheBonfini

4 years ago#53
TC doesn't like that Sony is taking 1st place back.
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User Info: Smashwarlocks

4 years ago#54
DesperateMonkey posted...
Smashwarlocks posted...
DesperateMonkey posted...
babamig posted...
As your nickname states, you are desperate.

Says the person who comes in here to use someones username as an argument ^^

And more ponies arrive! Watch as the flail around about my user name because they can't list any more console advantages and don't like how the listing of features look.

You do seem desperate to prove a point. Both systems have yet to be released. So basically people on both sides are whining and trolling for no reason but I'll just focus on the one person who is positive about Xbox One and not the countless posters negative about it.


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User Info: ManInGorillaSut

4 years ago#55
TheBonfini posted...
TC doesn't like that Sony is taking 1st place back.
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User Info: TheSL1Club

4 years ago#56
If desperatemonkey isn't getting paid by Microsoft, that's just sad.
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User Info: jakestar0306

4 years ago#57
TheSL1Club posted...
If desperatemonkey isn't getting paid by Microsoft, that's just sad.

So it's sad if anyone has a different opinion from you? That's just sad.

But your sig is hilarious.
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User Info: Spetsnaz420

4 years ago#58
DesperateMonkey posted...
Who said Sony fan? I am a Sony fan. The people trolling here are Sony FANBOYS. I have a PSV, PS3 and am going to get a PS4.

Look at the topics I make on the PS4 boards. I defend the PS4 for its great hardware and massive online improvements that are WORTH the $50. I also make topics about how amazing PSV connectivity will be for me.

Btw, remote play! There is a REAL advantage. See how Sony fans come up with good things about Sony while Sony fanboys come up with BS about Microsoft?

Haha what? Every false PS4 rumor I've heard has been on this board...and even after being debunked people still post about it. I personally don't care that it happens...just don't be a hypocrite
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User Info: DesperateMonkey

4 years ago#59

Most of your post was just you defending PS3 through rose tinted glasses... and then viewing MS through "evil" tinted glasses.

Apparently, everything Sony did was because they had no choice and they only wanted the best for people even though thats not true at all. But anything MS does is for themselves and are done purposely to screw consumers.

Isn't this traditional fanboy logic? I do wish you would stay away from this. Saying PS3 didn't remove bluray and Cell is besides the point. Why was it in there in the first place? To beat HD DVD. You completely ignored this an answered some other question. I can't believe how naive you are for thinking that it was for gamers.

You also qualify your own arguments by your own self acknowledgments such as the statement about spying. 1) You assume you know exactly the extent of their monitoring 2) You assume that everyone cares when plenty of people clearly don't and throw out their personal information for free on the internet in much more detail than MS can. I don't even think about MS listening in on my conversations because I've yet to think of how its suppose to affect me.

You then say I compare GPU faults with Kinect. I, in fact, compared PC faults with Kinect. Not everyone medium gives you everything you want. Consoles offer convenience and price advantages as well as form factors and unified services. Some people prefer PCs because price isn't an issue, they like customizing and modding and don't mind fiddling around. I think you are attacking what you clearly know isn't the argument in order to avoid acknowledging the fact that all platforms have advantages and disadvantages.

You then attack MS for having exclusives and that it doesn't benefit people because it could be multiplat. Thats the same thing as saying first party games should be made multiplat because it would make them more money and more gamers could play them. Also, you think Sony doesn't pay for exclusives? What kind of crack are you smoking? Sony has a huge list of exclusives they are trying to hold onto. They even paid Diablo 3 to not SAY they are releasing for the 360 and PRETEND it was exclusive. There also is that huge list of things they are paying for to keep exclusive.

You are steering away from the argument and more just trying to justify everything Sony does while painting them as a company that runs on rainbows and faith.

The rest of the posters here are a joke. They are either using insults and have no idea what the topic is about or say the dumbest things like I can't handle that the PS4 is going to be #1 when I haven't even discussed anything like this. Pretty sure only thing I've said on the subject is that PS4 will lead.

FBs are so desperate to get in on this argument but they can't even reply to the actual argument. 8thwonder is hilarious. Everything like HDMI passthrough and having an extra peripheral isn't considered an advantage? What a joker. Only in Pony land...

Also, whose this idiot talking about MS trolls? Your saying you guys are trolls because there are MS trolls? GG. I didn't say there wasn't MS trolls.

I love how your fanboy minds reason.
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User Info: pblimp360

4 years ago#60
jakestar0306 posted...
But your sig is hilarious.

^ He didn't make it if you were wondering. He isn't that clever.
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