I love the ps4!!!!

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User Info: AkumaOutsider

4 years ago#1
But I also love the Xbox1
I love the wiiU
I love PC gaming.
I love anything that furthers gaming as a whole.

We have the Sony ponies standing next to the boners,
We have the nintendrones next to the "master" race,
Nobody is killing nobody!!
Fanboys fom both sides,
PC elitists,
Handheld niches,
Even phone gamers in the creases!!
Can't we all just get along!?!?

On a serious note, I understand both sides of a fanboy and his right to defend said system. But what saddens me-is when a fanboy knows he is wrong or defending something blatantly bad, and still does so. Anything that slows down gaming in general is horrid. Competition is 99.9% a good thing.

Enjoy your gaming everyone ;)
Enjoy your chosen system or systems ;)
Enjoy your current gen, next gen, retro gen...enjoy gaming.

User Info: pblimp360

4 years ago#2
Dem double negatives tho...
Death isn't the exit of existence. It's the entrance into eternity. R.I.P Zora Nelson 3/6/13 Forever loved

User Info: DocEggmanNega

4 years ago#3
Are you Dr. Seuss, TC?
youtube.com/doctoreggmannega 3DS 1590-4712-5284 PSN: DocEggman
"When i'm on the ps3 internet browser can my friends see what website i'm on?"

User Info: AkumaOutsider

4 years ago#4
DocEggmanNega posted...
Are you Dr. Seuss, TC?

I can if you want me to be lol
No one got the reference here...
At least some on ps4 board did :)

User Info: XBOXvsPC

4 years ago#5
"We have the Sony ponies standing next to the boners" - Lmao

User Info: fuzzykuffs

4 years ago#6
The Warriors was a great Movie.

I give you a 9.5

User Info: Naruto

4 years ago#7
AkumaOutsider posted...
I love the wiiU

Only in a joke thread.
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