Predict what happens when the XB1 is released

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User Info: Sevi_ney

4 years ago#1
This forum reminds me of "to kill a mockingbird" sometimes...

I predict that, upon console release, there will be fan-children rioting in malls and GS outlets nationwide. The tenacity will quickly reach physical proportions and come accompanied by irascible screeching. Fan ppl will take offense at every glance, and look for ways to release their pent up tensions by trolling ppl irl; blocking doors, peeing on communal toilet seats, mean mugging, line-cutting, farting, and my favorite, sticking both index fingers in both ear-holes and curling up in a corner shaking to and fro reciting sedating phrases like "they're only opinions, you have opinions to, in my opinion. IN MY OPINION!!!"

Does anyone expect any technical problems when hooking up Kinect 2.0? Or will it walk out of the box and install itself? Pick a fight with your microwave? Walk out the door?

User Info: Bikes-

4 years ago#2
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User Info: ItIsOkBro

4 years ago#3
Complete global saturation.
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User Info: Sevi_ney

4 years ago#4
Wesker line ^

User Info: pblimp360

4 years ago#5
I expect everyone who wanted this system will be more than pleased and life will go on. I know I will. : )
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User Info: chrish909

4 years ago#6
Both consoles will release. Ps4 will outsell x1, but not 4:1 like some trolls suggest. Maybe 1.7:1 until maybe feburary.

Unless sony has some great aaa exclusive for an early 2014 release, it wont take long to realize x1 has better games, titanfall releases around feburary.

Over 2014, ps4 will become recognized as ps3.5 seeing as it does same thing as ps3 just better gfx and now forced psn. Psn wont blow up like sony hopes, sony fanboys been critiszing ms for years for charging for online play, its going to take awhile to change their mind.

X1 will blow up as it can play games and lots of other stuff from the cablebox and kids can enjoy the kinect like this gens wii. Ms will release a kinectless x1 for around 299. The only reson they dont do it now is because a lot of people would cancel their reserve to change it. Just like rockstar dont want people to wait for next gen gta5.

Eventually sony will bellyflop regardless of how ps4 sells. Sony will likely sell playstation brand to maybe vizio samsung lg or maybe even hisense. Or sony will file for bankruptcy and ps4 will rot away
Sony promised 30 first year exclusives for ps4 first year. Too bad they are mostly indy titles.

User Info: BlazingxPaddles

4 years ago#7
It will release, sell through their entire holiday inventory, and people will re-sell on ebay for $1000+.

User Info: BadLuckInc

4 years ago#8
The XBone will release and I will have it delivered to my front door so when I get home from work I can take it inside and unbox it in front of my cats.
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User Info: mcnichoj

4 years ago#9
The trolls will run away and hide when the console does fine.
The ones that stay will grasp at imaginary straws just like the current gen.
PSN/XBL/Steam: mcnichoj
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User Info: NSGraphite

4 years ago#10
XB1 and PS4 release.

PS4 outsells XB1 by at least 2:1

Xboners worldwide are butthurt. Sony Ponies continue to gloat. Console wars rage on.

Xbox fans continue to deplore MS to release a kinectless SKU. MS ignores their tears.

PS4 continues to sell very well, while Xbone sales begin to wane. The WiiU picks up some more sales but continues to sell slowly compared to its predecessor.

2 years in: The PS4 begins to pick up exclusive games that do not appear on either Xbone or WiiU, only sharing most of its big tittles with PC. A percentage of Xbox only gamers migrate to the PS4. Some return to PC only seeing the writing on the wall.

3 years in: MS finally releases a kinectless SKU. MS fans rejoice and many order the kinectless Xbone. However a week after the release of the spyless Xbone, MS flips the switch and reactivates the draconian DRM, blocking used games, requiring a 24 hour check in,

Gamer backlash is fierce. Youtube videos show burning and smashed Xbones. Several attempts at a lawsuit fail due to MS's brilliant maneuvering and a clearly stated Terms of Use that no one read. Mass exodus to PS4 and PC, even the Wii U picks up a spike in sales at this time. Only the most hard-headed Xboner remains in the MS camp.

Developers abandon the XB1 en masse. A few go back to being PC only developers, but the massive installed base is too attractive for most, so PS4 gets the lions share of newly developed games.

4 years in: The Xbone is all but on life support. Very little multiplatform support (EA, Activision and a few others) sales are even worse than the Wii U. The PS4 continues to sell like hotcakes, on track to possibly even match the sales of the godly PS2...

5 years in: MS releases a new console. It dwarfs the PS4 in power and graphics, however a fully digital model is used for this console including DRM, online requirement etc. It flops harder than the saturn at launch. 3 months into the life of the new console, MS investors force the head of the Xbox division to step down. The xbox division is absorbed into the company and disbanded. Some of its game properties are sold off to competitors. Others (Halo, Forza etc) are kept and MS studios becomes a multiplatform software developer.

Playstation gamers are still enjoying a vast and diverse library of incredible games. All software developers make games for the PS4, due to its 120 million+ installed base. A new gaming golden age is declared.
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