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User Info: Foxx3k

4 years ago#11
FinzFan4life posted...
Foxx3k posted...
regsantotomas posted...
Foxx3k posted...

Well if you ask me, the question is even more relevant now with the new Call of Duty Ghosts information announcing that retailers will be carrying digital redemption codes for the dual-platform release.

Also the business strategy interests me. :'(

I did not know this. So CoD Ghost will provide the disc AND a digital download for Xbox One?

Ah, no, I must not have explained correctly.

Microsoft is offering a cross-platform digital release of Call of Duty Ghosts. It will activate digital copies on both Xbox 360 and Xbox One (on a single gamertag). It'll cost $70. But they said that it will be available at retailers.

I wish that it would provide a disk + digital download option.

Oh so you want the original Xbox one

The reason they don't do this is so you can't have the digital version and sell the physical copy

Well, that's a reasonable thing to say. But, yknow, Sony is doing it on the PS3 -> PS4. Just saying.

But moreover, what I'm getting at, is that I want digital vouchers to be sold in retail stores and priced competitively. IE, if say Amazon runs a promotion for "Buy this game and get a $20 Gift Card!" I'd love to have a digital voucher as an option there, or if Target runs Far Cry 4 for $40 a few weeks after release - I'd like to buy that as a digital voucher. That's what I want to see most of all.

I'd love to go all digital, but I don't know if I'm willing to do that if I'm forced into Microsoft's horrible digital marketplace of stubbornly priced games.

Call of Duty Ghosts dual-platform digital release being available at retailers gives me hope that digital vouchers will be sold at retailers.

My desire for cross gen games to include a next-gen upgrade voucher with current gen disc copies is just that: A desire that Microsoft looks at what Sony is doing and copies them. Because that's great for consumers.
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User Info: MrSpaM111

4 years ago#12
Notice how when they mentioned 'power of the cloud' he changed the subject and didn't say anything about it. Looks like MS have finally realised people aren't stupid.
"Exactly correct TC..."

User Info: Jeh64

4 years ago#13
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