Dinosaurs to be brought back this gen?

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User Info: levyjl1988

3 years ago#1
The hype for Jurassic World could potentially bring back the dinosaur hype yet again.
Dino Crisis HD and a new Dino Crisis game would be awesome.

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User Info: Foxx3k

3 years ago#2
Dead Rising 3 should get dino DLC that replaces all zombies with dinos
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User Info: _Sovereign_

3 years ago#3
I loved Dino Crisis. As long as we get rid of the zombies though, I'll be fine.
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User Info: streamjumper

3 years ago#4
Dinosaurs back in gaming? I certainly hope so.

DICE, are you a bad enough studio to save gaming? C'mon... BF4 Dino mode. You know we want it, and we know you know we want it.
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User Info: _Deadeye_CM_

3 years ago#5
I would love to see a new dinosaur game.
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User Info: SteelTooth

3 years ago#6
Foxx3k posted...
Dead Rising 3 should get dino DLC that replaces all zombies with dinos

OMG I would be tempted t oget DR3 if it had that!
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User Info: Viryu

3 years ago#7
The zombie fad was starting to get boring, so I hope DICE will start this new trend with BF4, or no one else will.

User Info: Joey-Zaza

3 years ago#8
Yeah everyone was all like DINOSAURS then they were like SHARKS

Now everyone is all like ZOMBIES and that fad is going away.
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User Info: ianthegamer

3 years ago#9
they should replace vehicles with Dinosaurs ala Dino Riders (if you dont know what this is google it)
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User Info: Orange_Apples

3 years ago#10
I'd like some first person dino action.
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