Do you think Halo is still a strong name in gaming?

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User Info: sdchi

3 years ago#41
Nope. The last two games were embarrassing. Just terrible games.

User Info: C810

3 years ago#42
DIVINExFABLE posted...
Halo 4 was 343's first halo, and I do believe that they are listening to the community and changing the game somewhat accordingly. If the next halo is made like halo 3, with none of that BS armor abilities and whatnot, it will sell like hot cakes. Halo reach and 4 could not sustain a solid amount of players after like 6 months. If I remember correctly, halo 3 still had like 300k+ players 2 years into it being out. THAT is the sort of sustainability it needs to be at.

343 Industries are listening to the community too little, too late. Any changes they make to the balance of the gameplay aren't enough to bring the community back. If they'd listened in the very beginning, there might have been hope. But not now. They've stripped out the soul of the Halo multiplayer; weapon control, map control, battles being purely determined by player skill. Now that's gone and replaced with what amounts to a sci-fi Call of Duty clone.

I think that Halo is still strong, but much weaker then it used to be. I think with the release of Halo 4, it really hurt the franchise's reputation. If Halo 5 is severely lackluster as well, I think Halo will be a shadow of what it once was. Possibly even be shelved for awhile
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User Info: JohnHalo343

3 years ago#43
Ramsus082 posted...
I haven't played one since Halo3. Is the online multiplayer still essentially a sci-fi jousting match? Two people running at each other in a straight line, "draining" each other's health with a recoil-less assault rifle, until the player luckily enough to hit "B" first wins the joust? Sometimes both players die?

God, I hated that crap.

LOL @ assault rifles. You obviously had no clue how to play the game and was playing people equally as bad as you. At least the skill system was doing its job.
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User Info: n64fan1

3 years ago#44
I don't know how strong it is to other people, but it has lost its magic with me. I bought an Xbox 360 just for Halo and I definitely won't be buying an Xbone for Halo this go around.

I lost interest after Halo 1-3. Combat Evolved was the best.
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User Info: pigman2003

3 years ago#45
Halo has been around long enough that people get tired of hearing the name, but the games are still amazing, their seriously hasn't been a bad Halo game to date which is saying something.

Halo is a video game pioneer and continues to move forward with the industry.

I'm incredibly excited to see what they do with it on the Xbox One.
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