Why doesn't Microsoft manufacture more Day One editions

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User Info: Kosmo240985

3 years ago#11
The real reason is quite simple. Even xbox 360/ps3 was similar.

sony is a hardware manufacturer. Their business is deepy seeding in distrobution and manufacturing facilities. Each of which can easily be converted from manufacturing a tv or a ps3/4.

microsoft is not a manufacturing company by nature. it is a software company. their business is not deeply seeded in the production of product, rather the development of product.

this is also why i believe the xbone and ps4 will even out for the most part. ps4 better hardware, xbox one (although more difficult) better software.

when the 360 released there was a huge shortage for months, when ps3 released there was never a shortage. i picked up a ps3 day one without waiting. xbox i waited at walmart for almost 20 hours for a midnight release. and they only had about 30-40 consoles.

this is what people don't understand. ps4 has higher preorder limits not becasue of demand, but becasue they can provide it. thats why xbox cut theirs off even though there is still room for more preorders.

the regional manager at my gamestop stopped by a few weeks ago while i was buying diablo 3 and said people always ask if there are more xbox preorders.

not saying it's more popular than ps4, just saying the 4 to 1 ratio floating around is skewed due to manufacturing limitations.
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