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User Info: NateRose89

4 years ago#51
crucial posted...
X1 sold out of pre orders tell's you that we here on Gfaqs are 1%er's,even all the other boards I go to have much love for X1,all my friends on 360 have pre ordered X1's and will be the console to get for FPS and online play and of coarse Halo and TF,Sony Ponys are in full force on this board and will do anything to convince you to not get a X1 but they do not realize is that after the 180 MS pulled a lot of people have switched or are buying both.

Even at GS for the GTA5 midnight release everyone was talking about X1,TF,Halo and there launch line up's and how they can't wait for Nov.22 and how they wished GTA was coming to next gen,PS4 was getting much love as well.

I am getting both so I come on here and just laugh at fanboy's missing out on so many great game's,and just point and laugh because mommy can only get you one console this gen.

PS4 launch line is garbage but you wont see polls about that.

You make TeeHee and Pigman look neutral. What a giant turd of a post.
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User Info: Ryan-06

4 years ago#52
That's crucial posts for ya. all of them. -wisdom
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User Info: roboto_piloto

4 years ago#53
embrandedone posted...
Which brings an interesting point. Everywhere you go, all I see ate people who hate the XBone.

Exactly where are the pro-XBone sites because looking at everywhere in the world, the Xbots are looking like the trolls here.

They try to convince people "it's the trolls" when they are the ones who can't accept the "fact" that Microsoft shot itself in the foot and face.

Quick to judge anyone as a troll simply because they don't like what is being said. Saying ignorant s*** like, "Oh, this poll is rigged because...trolls."

The fact is that people are just unhappy with Microsoft, of which, they have MANY reasons to be. So if you're going to cry about polls and trolls, might want to go cry to MS for scaring away its own fanbase.

Pre-orders are proof of who has become the minority starting out the next-gen. To cry "trolls in polls" is just someone in denial or a...troll.
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4 years ago#54
georgewduff1 posted...
GameFaqs is Nintendo fanboy dominant...
They are just creating false topic and account in XboxOne board to fuel to internet war about the real next-gen console....
PC,PS4 an XboxOne fan should be aware and not respond to them...
I think that 75% of the problem is there...on GameFaqs...
Some PC fan will always tell that PC is the supreme fine with that...they have their reason and i respect that...
PS4 fan think their console better suits their needs and is more powerful...ok...fine with it...
But what Nintendo fan got...?Nothing ...!The same old thing since 1980...Me too i will get frustrated and bash other console...Its kids fun...

Sounds surprisingly possible.

User Info: Telerium

4 years ago#55
Telerium posted...
Moderated! Okaay, cut out the TOS violation part.

Why the switch?

I sold my PS2 & games to afford an Xbox ONE and the original Halo after playing it at a friend's. Collected an extensive library of games like Republic Commando, Battlefront 1&2, True Crime 1&2, Battlefield Modern Combat, every Xbox one Ghost Recon/Splinter Cell/Rainbow Six, Halo 1&2, The Suffering 1&2, COD Finest Hour, Advent Rising, KOTOR 1&2... That's all I remember off the top of my head without digging it out and unboxing it.

There was no question I was going to buy a 360 when it came out, and I did. At launch. Then I sent it in for repair 5 times (NOT exaggerating, use the boxes to store Xbox one/games, Genesis) before upgrading to the Slim/elite model with a 250gb HD (which has 11.4 gigs left on it). I stuck it out. Would have liked a PS3 too for the exclusives but I always spend my saved $ on new games instead. Now I have (just counted my 2 dresser drawers full) 91 360 games and maybe 10-15 digital like Mars Logs, Limbo, State Of Decay... Every Tom Clancy game is in there, every Gears, every F.E.A.R, every Halo, even games I liked and knew they weren't popular when I bought them (Blacksite: Area 51, Divinity 2). Though they had low production values, I still enjoy them.

Now when the PS4 reveal was over I watched it on YouTube the next day, eager to see what it was capable of. Liked all that about "for developers, easier to program to make better games" whole presentation, liked the "ghost player" feature, play a game you're downloading, ect. I was impressed, eager to see what the next-gen Xbox had to offer after that, what features would be the same, what MS would add. I had no plans to buy a PS4, but I'm an avid gamer, so I want to know everything about the market. I have I think a 90,000 gamerscore, and dozens of games & interest sunk into the Xbox brand, so I waited for the Xbox's reveal... After watching it on YouTube as well, I was bored out of my mind by all the NFL, fantasy football, and cable-box talk about it while not revealing any games.

Soon after I was checking these boards every day (I still do) for any new information about both systems. That's when I started to read about all these restrictions and questions being answered about the new Xbox "one" (Really...? Yeah stupid name.) and it's policies. There were rumors going around that the PS4 would have all the same restrictions and horse-**** in place, but the more I read the more I saw it wasn't true. I strongly shifted towards going exclusively back to Playstation for the first time in 12 years. This was followed by those of position at MS each planting their foot in their mouth about the new policies (#dealwithit, just keep your 360 you filthy peasant, "oh really, and how do YOU know that? It's the future, get on my level") many people are forgiving of MS now that they've repealed all these "Draconian" (word's thrown around way too much) policies, but it's not purely the anti-consumer shackles they put in place that offend me, it's their handling of their loyal longtime consumers like myself that is the reason I'm buying a PS4. It's already paid off, and I have Watch Dogs, Killzone (I remember playing the first one...), AC4, and BF4 paid for as well.

So those of you who say that everyone here are Sony ponies/fanboys, and whatever else are labeling legitimately angry consumers. I'm genuinely angry when people make excuses for MS's behavior, policies, customer reassurance, because there's no excuse for it. My friends and I are all making the switch from the LIVE community to the Playstation network. These defenders and slanderers are the true trolls here, and I'll continue contributing to both boards when I see relevant information to be addressed. Cuz I'm a gamer, and a former Microsoft consumer.

TL,DR: STOP attacking legitimate grievances and labeling fellow gamers as trolls, MS screwed up.

User Info: QuinnandGoblin

4 years ago#56
Was initially only buying a ps4, am now buying both.

Looking forward to the 22nd, and then again a week later for the ps4. Both systems have games i'm wanting to play as exclusives as well as features.
NinendoID- Grey-Armada .... psn- armada66 .... xbl- greyarmada....3ds-0345-0608-4393

User Info: STE573

4 years ago#57
I'm a MS fan this gen, but next gen I won't be touching the X1 with a barge pole. Multiplats being better on PS4 and between Sony and Nintendo IP I see no reason to even miss the Forza's and the... Well... Thats it, I only like Forza as an MS IP the rest are done better elsewhere..
Im British!
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User Info: BushidoEffect3

4 years ago#58
Moose_Of_Woe posted...
ILikesCheese posted...
BadLuckInc posted...
Definitely excited for the UPS guy :)

Whatever floats your boat.


I'll be sure to throw the package from a safe distance.

Just let their boat sink. Expect it to happen soon enough.
We'll bang okay?

User Info: keironuk

4 years ago#59
Im getting all three consoles already have my wii u getting ps4 then getting xbox one in about jan i just find it funny to watch people arguing about it all.
Xbox live: keironuk
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User Info: mcnichoj

4 years ago#60
I know me and my brother both have the X1 preordered.
Don't think I know a single person picking up either next gen IRL.
PSN/XBL/Steam: mcnichoj
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