Why do gamers support Microsoft moneyhatting?

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User Info: Izec

4 years ago#1
Paying publishers to make them release games/DLC to other platforms late, paying stores to feature Xbox exclusively, forcing indie developers to use them as a publisher if they want to release games to Xbox, etc.

Seems like petty business tactics that hurt the multiplatform market, and ultimately gamers (unless all they play is Xbox). It makes MS look insecure and as if they need to spend a ton more money than the others to get gamers to stick with them.

It'll be even worse this gen because MS is already holding back multiplats with it's console being relatively weak (as opposed to last gen, where 360 was easier to develop for than PS3).

People complain about stuff like Capcom's on-disc DLC or EA's online passes but they don't get as mad about this.
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User Info: teehee23

4 years ago#2
Because we want to.

You're welcome.
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4 years ago#3
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User Info: Cosmic_Diabetic

4 years ago#4
there is no white knight when it comes to competition. the people who play the dirtiest win
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User Info: Ogogin

4 years ago#5
That's called market, is obvious that a hardware house invest to push his product. Every single society do the same, and is the right thing to do.

Paying money for partial exclusive mean more money to the software house (who translate in better paid project and over-all product), invest on shop for show their merchandise is pretty normal too... there is nothing abnormal or shady about this.

There are many area where Microsoft have solid problems, but that's absolutely not one of them.
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User Info: regsantotomas

4 years ago#6
I support the free market: buying products & solution that work for me and ignoring those that don't. I have no need to demonize faceless corporations with silly terms like "moneyhatting".
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User Info: slyman19

4 years ago#7
What's wrong with throwing money around? Just because Sony can't, doesn't mean MS shouldn't.

User Info: Troll_Directory

4 years ago#8
Izec posted...
Why do gamers support Microsoft moneyhatting?

Same reasons they support Sony doing the same thing. Some people just cannot afford both next-gen systems, at launch. And, some people never want both consoles, ever. So, they want exclusive content for their console of choice. This is one of the ways Sony and MS make that happen.

User Info: axelfooley2k5

4 years ago#9
teehee23 posted...
Because we want to.

You're welcome.

you love to

most....do not

but you love it
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User Info: micheal82

4 years ago#10
It's OK if Sony does it. Sony buys exclusive content and games from third parties as does MS. It gives their console an edge over the other. It's business just like Walmart or Target paying for exclusive products.
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