Is the industry ready for FOUR CONSOLES? Valve to officially announce it!

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User Info: Thewinner14

4 years ago#81
Valve isn't interested in motion control like we've seen so far because they have actively backed the Hydra and Oculus Rift. In a sense they're looking beyond simple motion control and at VR interfaces/peripherals.
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User Info: assassin10133

4 years ago#82
bloodlover4ever posted...
assassin10133 posted...

Some interesting points on the steambox from back in January. Of interesting note is the "best" model which is stated as having whatever parts manufacturers want to put in, and with 15-20 companies looking into building "steamboxes", pretty much takes optimization out of the picture. Sounds more like small form factor dedicated gaming PC running Linux based on this. Out of curiosity how many people would be interested in something like that here?

Interesting link, I liked this part

"Valve aren’t interested in including motion control support as Valve “can’t see how it makes games fundamentally better.”

To answer your question I am one of those who will buy it if it can give me the best graphic in the market and can, this is the challenge, get the best version of multiplatform games. I bought Xbox in 2001 because I hated the direction Nintendo was going to with its consoles at that time, didnt like PS2 graphics and performance so Xbox came as the powerful solution with some cool games as well.

I am an Xbox gamer but I am not with MS direction toward the industry! It is completely the opposite of MS in 2001.

Now I never liked Sony and Nintendo has nothing really that new to offer! So if Valve is planning to treat us as gamers and dedicate their console for pure gaming experience with their innovative titles: Half life, Porta and the rest then I would not mind buying their console.

But back to my original question and the question of this topic, is the industry ready for that?
They have an advantage of the stream so any game on PC will be their eventually and my guess with the best graphics in the market.

Ouya was different as it was developed by indie developers and it was simply mobile gaming experience on your TV!
Here we are talking about Valve and a well established digital platform.

Is the market ready for it? All I can give is an opinion and it's very hard to tell how consumers would react to this. Previous posters brought up good points with pc gamers already having PCs and console gamers like the exclusives, performance for the price and ease of use, however as also previously stated there may be a fairly large market that would like to go to PC gaming but think it may be too difficult/complicated to build your own decent rig, steambox could provide a solution to that so it could go either way, one would hope Valve has done marker research to gauge interest if they're still going ahead with this.

Back to Xi3 Piston, this is the only specs I can find on it, straight from Xi3s site:
This is selling for $999 and that only has a 128gb hdd, albeit a solid state but still far too small, I'd rather spend that kind of money upgrading my current rig, could get better hardware. I highly doubt console gamers would spend $1000 on this when they can get a console at half that price that will probably have at least on par performance or better and PC gamers can buy better hardware than the piston for the same price. Tough sell if the actual steambox will be along the same lines as the piston, pricing is key.
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