MS needs to price their devices more competitively

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User Info: StarGoy

4 years ago#11
First, they needed to pander to gamers. It's like catching a fish. Now they've got them, they can touch them however they want.

User Info: SoulTrapper

4 years ago#12
Microsoft seems unaware of what their position in the market is, they're overpricing like Apple does, except they don't have that same fanbase that will buy anything at any price.

They should be trying to offer good tech at a low price, but that will hurt their image (or at least the image they have of themselves as a company).

A lot of people have the same issue here with the kinect: not seeing the added value or at least not seeing what it adds as being worth $100 or more extra.

It would help if they actually had anything decent to showcase with the kinect, but they've done almost nothing so far.

They would have been much better off spending the money they spend on timed exclusives by making a new IP build around the kinect, it would receive a lot less negativity if they did.

Pretty much all seems to come down to one thing: terrible marketing, probably due to a twisted view of their market position.
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User Info: calibus11

4 years ago#13
Both Surface Pro 1 & 2 could use a price drop to get a good user base...But as far as functionality, the Surface destroys Ipad in every way that I can see.

Microsoft's latest commercials are doing good at pointing that out, but they also need to focus on there "App"'s abysmal.

User Info: MRL3G3ND

4 years ago#14
I've had this dell convertible, windows 8 with i7 processor for about a year now

Paid a couple hundred more but wtf? why does the i5 still being offered? At such a high price?
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  3. MS needs to price their devices more competitively

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