Can't believe some people here don't know what "exclusive" means

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User Info: NeoMonk

4 years ago#31
TrueBlue91 posted...
If a game is available on more than one platform, it is not exclusive. How hard is it to understand this?

but.... but...

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User Info: Evel138

4 years ago#32
KOTRwhoops posted...
Evel138 posted...
AzaneAzer posted...
.Point being, Exclusive means related to 1 and only, Having something "exclusive" doesn't mean that 50% of the systems have it.

That's one meaning....and while legitimate, the term "exclusive" has also been widely used (for years now) as a trigger word....fighting words. For the sake of of (juvenile) argument, basically not on the system of which you're a fanboy of tbqh.

You can cite as many standard dictionary entries as your hearts desired, but in this community, you can't change the fact that the term "exclusive" is used in this way. Thus the meaning is relative.

And wrong. It also suggests the user using term exclusive is a deluded fanboy or is so simple they don't have a grasp of simple English words. It's all deluded fuel for the pathetic fanboy wars that this site constantly endures. You trying to justify it puts you in that category.

Are you talking to me? Because by literal definition of "English words" what I describe is a valid definition of "exclusive". Which basically means an individual or group denying access or participation to another individual or group.

If you're all in on the PS or the have been excluded from playing Titanfall (for now). The game is, by definition, exclusive.

/thread closed.
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User Info: PraetorXyn

4 years ago#33
crucial posted...
When I say exclusive most of the time I mean exclusive to that console,I do not consider PC to be a console so if Halo is out for the 360 and PC it's still exclusive to the 360 console because that is the only console it's on.

PC gaming is dead,how is GTA5 on you're PC?

You might want to check your facts about how alive and well PC gaming is.
And also go back to first grade so you can learn the difference between your and you're.
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User Info: LordElohim

4 years ago#34
The term "exclusive," used in gaming, applies to the *console wars.* There is no such thing as platform wars. Consoles, by the consumer base that primarily buys them, are considered equal. Handheld consoles, for the sake of the console wars, are equal. If you want a console, let's say in the upcoming gen, you choose between XBOne, PS4, and Wii U (yeah, it counts). If Halo is on both XBOne and PC, yes, in consumer terms, it is an XBOne exclusive. It has been like this for over 20 years. Aladdin for Genesis was a Genesis exclusive, Aladdin for SNES was an SNES exclusive, they were two different games, each of which could only be played on one console. "Console" is the key term here. PCs are not a console, never have been, and I don't personally feel ever will be. PC is a completely seperate choice altogether, and one that isn't typically even considered by the average console shopper. Let me put it this way: if your son wants a game, a multiplatform game, but doesn't own a console, you go to Gamestop, and whether PC is an available platform or not, your choices are XBOne, PS4, and Wii U. The *average* consumer, which is what this argument is applicable to, would never, ever walk out of that store with the PC version, and say "oh, well he can play it on his computer, or we'll buy him a new one." You can't walk into a store, a consumer driven department store, and buy a gaming PC. Maybe Best Buy, I don't know, never looked, but in general, you just can't. That is exactly why the console wars rage on, and neither Microsoft or Sony give so much as a second thought to PC as competition. Strictly speaking, in the consumer marketplace, it isn't. So yeah, whether you can play it on your PC or not, Halo is an XBOX exclusive, and <insert Sony example here > is a Playstation exclusive.
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