So are Xbox One fans OK with no indies til TBA 2014?

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  3. So are Xbox One fans OK with no indies til TBA 2014?

User Info: jsplisim

3 years ago#31
jsplisim posted...
I know it isn't the cool way of thinking, but I could not care less. Humble Bundles me all of the indies I can handle.

"gives me", etc...
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User Info: SadLink

3 years ago#32
Of course we are, you absolute tw*t!
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User Info: SVT52986

3 years ago#33
I am sure with the launch games that I am purchasing that I will be more than occupied until any Indies actually come out.

User Info: leftwich7

3 years ago#34
Don't care. I'm not into indies.
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User Info: teehee23

3 years ago#35
XBLA on 360 will still have them.
Once the indies have something worthy of Xbox #1 Microsoft will allow them to share their creations.

Thank you, Microsoft.
SEGA #1.
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User Info: scoobydoobydont

3 years ago#36
I'm not an Xbox One fan, but I don't care. I have a PC for indies.
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User Info: xninjagrrl

3 years ago#37
I have not even perused the Indie game section on XBL in years. So yeah I can certainly live without cheapo games I will never play. Well, unless theres a new Techno Kitten Adventure of course.
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  3. So are Xbox One fans OK with no indies til TBA 2014?

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