X1 more powerful "rumor" might be revealed today

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User Info: Shacky_101

4 years ago#11
chrometip posted...

When they say next generation consoles, I believe they are talking about X1 and steambox maybe

So PS4 isnt a next generation console?
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User Info: Reflex-Arc

4 years ago#12
The event was at 3pm EST today?


Is it over?
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User Info: robertadeath

4 years ago#13
teehee23 posted...
FOXSOLID posted...
TurtlePowah posted...
I would not hold your breath, from what developers have been saying. There is a quite obvious and substantial difference in power with the PS4 being the winner.

All the specs in world don't matter, it all comes down to what the devs say.

Example how they said the 360 was easier to work on and games were turning out about the same as PS3 if not a little better in some cases. Though specs showed PS3 winning.

In the end it comes down to what devs say not what nerdy elitist on net say.

PS3's exclusives blew the 360's out of the water.

Any inferior ports the PS3 received was a result of lazy porting. PS3's specs were more powerful and it showed in it's exclusives.

Nothing on ps3 compare to the graphical magnificence of HALO 4.
Absolutely nothing.

And just look at the train wreck Bayonetta is on ps3 compared to the Xbox360 version.

That says it all.

First of all, Bayonetta was a train wreck on PS3 because it was developed on the 360, then ported over.

Secondly, Last of Us definitely beats Halo 4 in the graphics department. That game is gorgeous.

Check out this poll:

Halo 4
28% [83]

The Last of Us
56% [168]

User Info: BudWisenheimer

4 years ago#14
robertadeath posted...
Secondly, Last of Us definitely beats Halo 4 in the graphics department. That game is gorgeous.

What does it take to get the artists at Naughty Dog recognized for their role in this? Or any of the artists on Sony's exclusive games for that matter? I would say they need to do an exclusive 360 game to prove their contribution. But the Internet would probably never forgive them or ever recognize their skills in that scenario.

User Info: Skynet82997

4 years ago#15
Lol at opinion polls as objective proof of ANYTHING!

That said - they both look amazing.
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User Info: Charging_Zebra

4 years ago#17
lol no

User Info: Skynet82997

4 years ago#18
FOXSOLID posted...
LMAO @ Halo 4 looking better than anything on PS3.

My LORD your delusions are hilarious.

Also, you should know that Bayonetta for PS3, was handed off to SEGA to develop. I can imagine the dense fog around your brains in the form of your delusions got in the way of that bit of information.

PS3 exclusives are universally and unanimously accepted as the best of this current gen....last gen....and the gen before that.

Oh...and this upcoming gen as well.

LOL @ Ryse and it's clunky ass gameplay.

LOL @ Killer Instinct have only 8 characters total and no arcade mode. The original had more content.

LOL @ Forza with it's incompleteness, static lighting and no weather or time changes.

LOL @ DR3 and Titanfall eventually coming to the PS4. BANK ON IT.

LOL @ PS4 outselling XBONE 4:1.

Save it fanboy - unlike you, I own both a PS3 and 360, and will also own a PS4 and XB1.

Opinion polls as hard proof of anything is absolutely ridiculous - and anyone with a lick of common sense is well aware of this.

I also think they both look great, as I said in my previous post. I'm a fan of games, not systems. But you keep on keeping on there champ - I'm sure you're completely level-headed and unbiased.

It's not like you lost your mind at the mere suggestion that both games could look great, and went off on some insane fanboy tirade.

Oh wait - you did do that.
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User Info: Natatteru

4 years ago#19
The BMW X1 is getting more powerful? Dang!
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User Info: catzrul2002

4 years ago#20
The reading comprehension of some of the Xbone fanboys is mind-numbing.

Guys, we're not saying the 360 exclusives looked bad, just they don't look as nice as PS3 exclusives.

Multiplatform games looked worse on PS3 because of lazy porting and general difficulty with the cell.

Many developers have praised the PS4 for its ease of development, including those from People Can Fly.
Fingers crossed for Sony to enable PSN name change!!
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