Why the XBO is better and why nobody cares for the PS4 on these boards

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User Info: SAMCROftw

4 years ago#81
Ahhh this is the ultimate Xbot gathering thread. Now all we need is that Exodus guy, Zephirraines, teehee, Chris909 and pblimp!

Lol. This is why the Xbox One board is the new PS3 board XD
Xbox fan since 2003. Tired of Microsoft's bull. LOLXbone.
Mass Effect TaliShep.... still a better love story than Twilight.

User Info: Lord_of_BeefDip

4 years ago#82
roboto_piloto posted...
JohnHalo343 posted...
roboto_piloto posted...
JohnHalo343 posted...
Xbox is the clear and honorable winner here. If only these ship jumping, lying, maladjusted, crooked-spined Sony Fanboys would get that.

Look it that, just the type of "lamer" people are trying to get away from by "jumping ship".

You're laughable at best, placing "honor" alongside anything Microsoft.

Judging by your post you are the "voice of the Xbox community"; the part of the "Xbox community" that nobody likes that is.

Oh, lookie here! I got me a big one here. Let me see if I I can finish reeling 'em in!!!

Lol. That's all you have? You can find me posting about s*** I don't like about either console so your fanboy goggles have caught nothing, but your imagination can keep at it for all I care. Have fun "fishing"? Lol. I'm going back to gaming.

What he means is that he is trolling you. Too bad he is so damn transparent about it.
..."go put on your favorite lingerie and streak in your public library while yelling about how sexy you'd look as a dolphin." - Ghasts

User Info: WM_PMC

4 years ago#83
mike468 posted...
Rixgear posted...
Console war... wonderful.. let's keep adding to the problem and stereotypes all gamers are plagued with.. its no wonder people think games are for kids with crap like this. Arguing over plastic boxes.. when all you should care about is the games.

The topic got way off hand, but that's what the video mainly points out about the XBO. Better games and more exclusives at launch.

Better games is 100% subjective. For example, I don't find any xbox launch games interesting at all whereas there are at least 5 games in going to be getting on launch for PS4. Also, it is a fact that Sony had more launch exclusives than Microsoft. That can't be debated.

I would love to hear your response to my earlier post though. It's post #50 so that you have an excuse to not read it.
PSN: WingNut125
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User Info: Xeeh_Bitz

4 years ago#84
BERZERKER17 posted...
Can't hear you over the FREE FarCry 3 and Assassins Creed 3 PSN plus dished out the past two month, while Xbox Live gave me one/two card game(s) and the first Rainbow Six Vegas.

But to clarify, PSN had indeed been hacked, it isn't perfect, but I wouldn't be surprised if the Xbone suffered the same fate after its release.

Xbox Live has been hacked also
Best Windows ever, Windows 8!

User Info: WM_PMC

4 years ago#85
DesperateMonkey posted...
Yet not a single source by you. Surprising!

I guess you missed the past earlier that posted like 5 links. I also added another link to it.
PSN: WingNut125
KiP Info: www.kipclan.info; KiP forum: www.kipclan.com

User Info: immortaltech6

4 years ago#86
Another casual with a low gamerscore and 37% completion with mostly FPS's who by proxy doesn't know what he's talking about because he spends more time on GF than gaming typing his insightful opinions and just wants some attention thrown his way. Links a video with <500 views as ultimate proof and probably just fishing views for someone, maybe even himself for ad-revenue.


The only true trend I see is most xb1 supporters = casuals. //

User Info: ImThe8thWonder

4 years ago#87
DesperateMonkey posted...
The fact is, you are the one delusional enough to think that your arguments are objective preferences... Gaikai > Dedicated servers? You epitomize fanboyism and don't realize how pathetic it is that someone like you cries against subjective arguments.

I see you still haven't learned that claims can only be proven with facts or with logical inferences. You opinion is worth nothing.

And if I recall correctly, I never made a mention of Gaikai being better than dedicated servers. Please do point out where I said that.
All fanboys are equally terrible. Hypocrisy and double-standards are at every corner, nobody is a Saint.

User Info: Wintersun616

4 years ago#88
mike468 posted...
This video sums it up nicely why none of us care for the PS4:


"None of us"? You and how many of your personalities?

User Info: Slaysme

4 years ago#89
Haha! What a bunch of pansies. Grow the hell up.
Your television viewing may be a negative influence on your life. It may lie to you. Watch out! Don't believe the robots. Eat well
5412-9925-5942. Psn-slaysme

User Info: CallOfDookie

4 years ago#90
coltsfan4ever31 posted...
I can't stop listening to Lay Me Down by Avicii and Adam Levine. Love it!

I thought it was Adam Lambert not Levine? Anyways big fan of Avicii going to see him Nov. 9th at the Hollywood Bowl.
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