Ryse comparison: New vs. Old

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User Info: Kupo_Mog_Kupo

3 years ago#21
Eh new looks a lot better to me...seriously.

User Info: squarex8264

3 years ago#22
Kupo_Mog_Kupo posted...
Eh new looks a lot better to me...seriously.

Same here.
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User Info: Gothmogz

3 years ago#23
VanderZoo posted...
My name is Marius Decimus Downgradius.

Gamertag: Alehappy

User Info: Hi C

Hi C
3 years ago#24
The old model looks like real skin. The new model looks like a mannequin.

Old model looked more colorful and photo realistic. New model looks like current gen dead, brown, grey and dull b*******.

This is embarrassing for both Crytek and Microsoft. It looks like total ass. It's on the same level as the Colonial Marines scandal.
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3 years ago#25
I honestly thought people were kidding about the downgrade but.... wow. Wtf?

Id be mad if I was hyping that game up. People are about to get ripped off.
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User Info: Avirosb

3 years ago#26
Still, noticing a difference is a lot easier on static images.
Will it be just as obvious in motion?
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User Info: khardbored

3 years ago#27
You have to compare this to current gen as well.
Say, the PS3 game Killzone 3 (Loved it!) the characters had about 10k polygons each.
Marcus from GoW 3 had 15k. Uncharted, the main chars had something like 30k each.

So this is still a rather large jump in polygon count alone. AND this is a launch title that was first a kinect only game that has went through too many changes. Later on down the road you can bet those polygon counts are going to be well over the 100k range.
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User Info: bob15x

3 years ago#28
What is funny is everyone is focusing on the characters. Yes the characters look better in the old, but look at the background, it looks so so much better in the new.

And what would you rather have looking better, the character or everything around it.

User Info: redorblue88

3 years ago#29
"(Note: the newer screenshot comes from a livestream, so it’s a bit more blurry. resolution isn’t important towards our comparison though, as what we’re looking at is polygon density and shaders)."

How has no one mentioned this? ^
That alone makes this comparison pretty pointless.
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