Honestly Cloud will make this be above gaming PCs for a while.

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User Info: embrandedone

3 years ago#41
AIIison posted...
sworder posted...
AIIison posted...
Agreed, I am glad one company is finally thinking progressively. I feel as if Sony is a backwoods hillbilly christian in comparison to a suave New York gentleman.

Everyone accuses those supporting moving forward as being shills even though if we were paid by Microsoft we would type longer and more elegant responses to the mindless hate coming from those stuck in the past.
Face it, the day of the PC is coming to an end... Piracy and the enabling devices to use outside power (ALA Cloud processing) is the dagger in the PC's last heart as far as king of gaming.

PCs will still be used for like facebook and **** though.

The Cloud is not the future. Streaming technology is the future. The cloud does garbage processes to help out the hardware you already own. Gaikai processes everything and can be streamed to literally any device.

Guess who implemented streaming first, and who proceeded to immediately copy them?

Nice try bro

Originality is overrated... Xbox One will have a very improved Cloud based on the poorly attempted version the PC used.

You clearly neglected Microsoft's E3 conference... *sigh* Also it is not just about the graphics. So even if PC stepped their game up it would not matter. No matter how powerful the hardware Cloud processing puts inferior hardware on a level playing field (ALA steambox).

Originality is overrated? Funny...I seem to recall you Xbots chasitsing Sony for not innovating with the PS4 and putting the same ol' concept instead of your glorious Kinect that MS is shoving your throat.


Please make a sticky thread of your latest positions, cuz you guys do more 180s than your bosses.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HzLUYX7M1SQ -- The Xbox One Board
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  3. Honestly Cloud will make this be above gaming PCs for a while.

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