Is there anything the Xbox One can not do?

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User Info: SearchmanV16

4 years ago#41
It cannot run a first party at 1080p at launch with respect to an action game?
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User Info: gldoorii

4 years ago#42
It can't play VHS tapes despite looking like a VCR.
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User Info: SkinnerX2710

4 years ago#43
The Genesis does what One don't.

User Info: C2H5OH

4 years ago#44
AIIison posted...
I am in awe at the brilliance of this device. From playing games, watching movies, socializing with friends, exercising to be healthy, etc. it seems this device does it all.

I am glad to support such hardware that not only seems to have limitless capabilities with Cloud processing but offers the far superior launch line up.

If it does peel potatoes well my wife definitely gets one. At launch.

User Info: GondolinRises

4 years ago#45
It can't outsell the ps4. Yes xb1 trolls, this makes you angry
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User Info: MrSpaM111

4 years ago#46
Seems MrImpatient has made a new alt account...
"Exactly correct TC..."

User Info: TightNinja

4 years ago#47
metroidman92 posted...
Play 360 games.

^This big time lol. That is why i laugh at the name. The "One" device for all your entertainment needs?
Except play all those games you purchased in the last 8 years.

Don't get me wrong...Sony doesn't get off the hook for this either.
1. GOD PWNS ALL!!!!!!!!
2. PS One Cloud > Xbox One Cloud

User Info: BloodyDove2vs

4 years ago#48
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User Info: foreverzero14

4 years ago#49
Looks like a shill topic to me.
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User Info: Lovecraftiangod

4 years ago#50
It can't beat the ps4 in any area that counts.
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