I don't think Xbox is strong enough of a brand for the $500 Xbox One pricetag

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User Info: aiyobro

3 years ago#41
NewMoonShadow posted...
TheRealPhattyJ posted...
and, uh, i'm sorry but the 360 was Microsoft's SECOND console on the market. also, i'm sorry to be the one to have to tell you this but every console is always sold at a loss to the manufacturer. if they sold their consoles for a profit than nothing, all the way back to the colecovision years, would have been affordable to enough people. Companies like Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft, etc that manufacture consoles make their money off of the licensing rights as every company that wants to make/publish a game for that console has to pay to do so. The PS4/XboxDone are going to be the first consoles to ever come out the gate at a profit to the parent company.

That's not true, actually. The original Wii was also sold for a small profit-per-unit, mostly because they were just GameCubes with a different physical design.

That's asinine, look at any exclusive wii game and tell me that is gamecube rendering.

User Info: Pupu27

3 years ago#42
COBRAxDFWxPJ posted...

all that is opinion. but if we are talking opinions, yours is in the minority.

by popular opinion:


apple=android>blackberry>nokia>windows phone

Chrome=Firefox>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Internet Explorer.


how to you know your opinion is the majority one? ;) And you mixing a lot between market share, product quality and brand reputation in your comparisons:

for example: windows phone has bigger marketshare than blackberry (it's a fact). But you wrote blackberry > windows phone so I assume that you are using brand reputation as a standard. But by that standard there is no way chrome=firefox >>>>> Internet Explorer. You do know Internet Explorer is one of the oldest browser in the history right? Among browsers, the Internet Explorer brand name has no rivals. Both chrome and firefox are pretty new (you can debate that they are better in quality but no way in hell they have a more valuable brand name).

It's the same with apple = android. Really? You are comparing the world most prestige brand name with android? Are you on drugs or something? Android is not even in the top 100 (and it shouldn't be as it's just a small part of Google and even Google brand name is having a hard time against Apple). Just read this following article for some stats.


Playstation vs XBox I would agree with you it will come down to personal preference though, these 2 are pretty close.
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User Info: 2ndAtomisk

3 years ago#43
Hucast9 posted...
Shovel_Break posted...
There was a time where Xbox was almost the new PlayStation, but the PS3 had a turnaround and is even ahead of the 360 in worldwide sales. Xbox just isnt what it could have been, not with PlayStation getting so much popularity again and the hype the PS4 has.

The way you say that someone would think that the PS3 is ahead by millions or tens of millions of consoles. PS3 is ahead of the Xbox 360 by a measly and meaningless few hundred thousand consoles. Is that lead significant enough to draw any conclusion? Absolutely not.

Wasn't the original Xbox $500? I think that the $500 for Xbox One is acceptable, but sure in a perfect world it would've been better if it was $399. I predict that it will be $399 around the end of 2014. They will want to get it at $399 as soon as possible. Their plan is to get as many $499s as possible, then to switch to $399 asap.

It was $299.99
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User Info: TerraUniverse

3 years ago#44
Microsoft has great exclusives.

Most people who play Call of Duty are playing them on the Xbox 360, and Xbox Live is a great service that people like.

The Kinect is more appealing for families that want a console.

The Xbox One controller looks great.

User Info: SoulTrapper

3 years ago#45
TerraUniverse posted...
Microsoft has great exclusives.

That's great, but largely opinion based.
The real question is: are those one or two exclusives worth getting a $500 system or will you wait till it's at a lower price?

Most people who play Call of Duty are playing them on the Xbox 360, and Xbox Live is a great service that people like.

Okay, what's your point?

Thinking that everyone who owned a 360 is automatically moving on to an xbox one is pretty naive if you spend any time on the internet in the last 6 months.

This mindset seems to be the exact same that MS had when designing the xbox one: "We've got the gamers already, let's try and expand our market."
Which didn't turn out very good.

The Kinect is more appealing for families that want a console.

I doubt that, since it's still $100 more.

If you get a PS4 with a camera toy thing, it's still cheaper than the xbox.

The Xbox One controller looks great.

Fantastic, but again very much an opinion.

The xbox itself isn't terrible, although it's hardware is pretty lacking for next gen, but the price is ridiculous, mostly due to the mandatory kinect.
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User Info: Ellesarien

3 years ago#46
Yes...and Beiber, the Kardashians, Snookie, and Real Housewives are vastly popular.

Grats on being in that group.
I will try and see it from your point of view, but I doubt we'll be able to fit both our heads up there.

User Info: aiyobro

3 years ago#47
People may faulter but once that new controller gets in everybodies hands.

Ooou wee!


3 years ago#48
NewMoonShadow posted...
Pupu27 posted...
PS3 is the biggest failure in history of home console,

.......... what are you, thirteen? Fifteen? This cannot be a serious statement. Honestly.

Sure it was. It had to lose 6 billion to come last by 8-30 million units.
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User Info: Shinobi120

3 years ago#50
SaintSeiyaX posted...
The only reason the PS3 sold more than the Xbox is because the Japanese market will never accept an American console. Exclude Japan & the Xbox has a nice lead on the PS3. In America only, the Xbox far outsold the PS3, which is where software is sold most. Hell, the 360 has sold over 100 million more copies of games than the PS3......like that's insane.

I do agree that M$ shouldn't have charged so much for the X1, but they will learn their lesson.

You serious, bro?

The Xbox brand is strong, but not that strong compared to the Playstation brand still. The PS1 had sold about 103 million consoles while the PS2 sold 155 million. What has the original Xbox sold? Just 24 million.

Back before the 360 even released, it was only at 5 million at the time both the PS3 & the Wii came out. The only reason the Xbox 360 got popular was because of Sony's constant foul-ups with the PS3 from 2006 to 2008.

Robbie Bach himself even admitted it here...


If Microsoft haven't had the year head start, the RROD, & the big $500 million advertising with Kinect, the Xbox 360 would've been in 3rd place in worldwide sales way before November 2010.

Izec posted...
Microsoft is the company that thinks:

Bing can beat Google
Windows Phone can beat iPhone/Android/BlackBerry
Internet Explorer can beat Chrome/Firefox

They do not understand the concept of having a weak brand name. Success with Xbox 360 and Windows OS has made them arrogant.

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