Cancelled My Preorder

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User Info: RemakeMe

4 years ago#31
Xeeh_Bitz posted...
Bigdaddy422 posted...

When Xbox reversed their policies, i quickly reserved one online. Pound for pound Xbox One blows Ps4 out of the water with launch exclusives. Killer Instinct, Dead Rising, Forza, and Titanfall will be day one buys for me.

Titanfall is coming out next year, KI and Forza aren't even going to release complete.

So out of your list, there is only one complete game available at launch.

I think all the people who dont play fighters legitimately are gonna ragequit KI when it comes out.

find it hilarious since it's F2P non singleplayer game that's mostly about the online aspect that will attract the hardcore FGC then when they get online with all these mechanics thrown in will make these xbot defenders who never played a fighting game at high level pull their hair out.
"There's No absolutes in life. Only in Vodka"

User Info: Exodus_Prime

4 years ago#32
Good for you Tc *claps slowly* good for you.
Xbox One and PlayStation 4
Because I can buy both.

User Info: SparkItUp

4 years ago#33
SunDevil77 posted...
SearchmanV16 posted...
Blogfaqs/Cool Story dudebros.

I love when people post this like it makes their topic immune to being blogfaqs.

amen...hell I'm getting a PS4 and I've been tired of these topics since day 1 on both sides
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