Xbox gamers, how's your online friends' general reaction to X1/PS4

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User Info: mankindismymask

4 years ago#1
Are they staying, or are they switching?

I can think of some valid reasons if they choose to stay
* play with friends
* keep the gamescore going
* x1 exclusives
* better online (no entirely true, but overall XBL network is great, I'll give them that)
* 'Merica!
* other reasons

If they switch, what are the reasons?

User Info: DarkJaydragon

4 years ago#2
Out of my gaming friends around 8 of them are staying with xbox. I have only one friend who is also joining me on PS4.
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User Info: TBONE_OG

4 years ago#3
Half of my friends were switching to PS4 (so they say) pre-180 on DRM. Since then, all of them are apparently staying with X1.
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User Info: TrickyPony

4 years ago#4
one preordered X1 immediately, another said he was switching but he never preorders. Once the 180's happened he's more on X1's side 60/40 because of Live, he could still switch. I honestly don't care outside of those two guys what they buy.

User Info: Iminyourcloset

4 years ago#5
If your friends are switching, they'll still be playing with friends.

Especially if you switch too.
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User Info: BoomerHelll

4 years ago#6
about 20 is going x1 and 8 is switching

User Info: nableet

4 years ago#7
All 11 of my close Xbox friends were going PS4. Now 2 have preordered Xbone, 4 are on the fence and 5 are still going PS4.

The ones going xbone hated the original policies, but are happy after the 180's.

3 going PS4 are basically anti-MS now.

The rest are kinda not too bothered, but mainly swaying PS4 for a change.
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User Info: Excal1bur

4 years ago#8
I actually have no online friends switching to PS4. I have 1 RL friend picking up a PS4 first but is also getting a X1 a little down the line. Most of my friends will end up with both systems playing most of their games on X1 because of the better online service.

(i still can't figure out why anybody getting both would get a PS4 first)

User Info: Bastichlives

4 years ago#9
I play with a group called the Battlebuds. Middle aged gamers all.
One guy is going Ps4 and Xbox but he works as a Gamestop manager.
The others that i play with are sticking with Xbox.
Haters gonna hate.

User Info: CallOfDookie

4 years ago#10
Most are making the switch to PS4 but there are still some stubborn friends who are sticking around for Halo.
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