Would it be smart to buy Xbox One for new Perfect Dark, Banjo, Conker

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User Info: MilesTeg420

4 years ago#1
I like these franchises they were so great on N64 so should I get Xbox One for these. I know Microsoft owns these so you can't get them anywhere else.

User Info: Tylerh550

4 years ago#2
Look at what they did with all those nice properties on the 360......

User Info: Orange_Apples

4 years ago#3
Maybe get an XB1 IF they come out. I wouldn't really count on it though.
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User Info: Lovecraftiangod

4 years ago#4
No it wouldn't I'm pretty sure those ip's are dead
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User Info: OandA_Pest

4 years ago#5
No. Those poor franchises have been forgotten.
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User Info: XBOXvsPC

4 years ago#6
I doubt that these franchises will ever be as great as they were. in any event, the more games the better.
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User Info: TBONE_OG

4 years ago#7
I can see a new Banjo and Conker making their way to X1 at some point. Probably new XBLA titles.
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User Info: fretless58

4 years ago#8
Buying an Xbox One for Banjo/Conker would be like buying a PS4 for Crash/Spyro.

User Info: rusty12000

4 years ago#9
No Microsoft killed them.
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User Info: Troll_Directory

4 years ago#10
Sure. Then, buy Project Spark and make all three yourself. You can use the new Kinect to record your performances for the cut-scenes.
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