Are ya out of shape XBROS? XBOX ONE Fitness app to be free for Gold subscribers!

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User Info: Avirosb

4 years ago#31
Cowboy082288 posted...
We are talking about specific workout routines like P90X, and yes they are copyrighted. I'm sure that some people make youtube channels for working out..... though that's really irelavant. It's like saying 'why would you want a free movie service for a year, there are free homemade movies on YouTube.'
So there you go; free, specific workout routines does in fact exist on YouTube for everyone to see.
Not necesarily stealing. And if you think my comment was irrelevant then I don't understand why you felt like responding to it.
Console wars are like pissing contests. So yeah.

User Info: sexbone

4 years ago#32
i'll try this out
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User Info: bksonic123

4 years ago#33
This was so awesome until I read the last point >_<

Why do I need Gold to pay for this on top of an actual subscription? At least let someone pay the fitness subscription without Gold.

User Info: DesperateMonkey

4 years ago#34
Sevi_ney posted...
Let me get this straight...

you expect everyone to believe you've tried a P90X workout, yet you think cardio is dumb?

Actually, a ton of people who do ab ripper hate cardio.... In fact, Ab Ripper X is a cheat exercise. My entire regiment is based on minimal workout, maximum results. Your idea that people who want to look good just want to exercise is beyond dumb. People who do p90x range from hardcore to lazy minimalists. You have no need to do cardio for this stuff. You really don't know anything about working out. My wife was a gym trainer and the two body builder trainers their had terrible cardio because they hated it. You really shouldn't make so many assumptions.


Never heard of HIIT but I may look into it. Running is one of the most boring exercises out there. I can't believe you can get a good cardio workout from 8-10 minutes twice a week but if there is such a thing, I would definitely pick it over running.


I have no idea what you are on about. Your uncle or grandpa or whoever that can run marathons is healthier than most people. My diet is beneficial to me not only for looks but also makes it impossible for me to contract diabetes, which is something everyone in my family has.

I bike like 2 hours a day already for travel and errands and although its not a real cardio workout, its not like I am inactive. I have no need to push myself for cardio.

As for running to maintain "rock hard abs", I already have rock hard abs from my workout and from having no carbs which eliminates your body fat ratio. The difference between people who run and people who exercising for looks is huge... You don't get the V, you don't get the desired definition and so on. You might be able to use running to maintain the desired shape you got from body building but you certainly aren't going to get their just from running. You say that you are physically more capable than me. But I am not exercise to play on a football team, join the special forces or beat up other kids in the school yard. I look way better than 90% of the people who go to the gym far more often, have better cardio and lift heavier weights. They have odd shaped portions, no superman V's, terrible definition on their tri's and bi's and often don't even have much of any abs. For some, its simply not their goal. They workout a lot and eat a crapload of whatever they want so they still have tons of fat + energy + strength. But many people actually do want to look good and just don't know how and its 80% diet supplemented with a very reasonable workout.

I've seen plenty of jogger bodies and they look terrible btw. It works for women because women aren't after cut bodies.
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