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User Info: SonyPonyTony

4 years ago#21
8/10 for me. I'm a 0/10 for PS4, it's going to take a lot to get me to go back to that company again, first they need to get the shoddy online system revamped for I don't feel like a second rate gamer when using it.

User Info: Dev0311

4 years ago#22

User Info: mmm_BabyBoy

4 years ago#23

I plan on taking a week off as well. I love new technology, so I can't wait to see the new dashboard with all its features and the kinect integration.

I need to wait for reviews or more previews of the launch games before my hype level goes up or down. But based on what I've seen so far, I'm pretty optimistic, hence a decent score of 8.

While I probably won't be getting a PS4 anytime soon, my friend will and I'm hyped for that and again, I can't wait to see Sony's new technology. So my PS4 hype is 6.5/10. Not so optimistic about its launch titles.

User Info: ACx7

4 years ago#24
An 8 right now. Would probably be a 10 if Pokemon X and Y weren't coming out first. They're eating up most of my available hype right now.

User Info: Porunga

4 years ago#25
10/10 PS4

2/10 XBO Waiting to see if it will have any games (for me) worth getting the system for. xbox didn't, 360 didn't, wait and see for the XBO..

User Info: Jacob46719

4 years ago#26
Xbox one, Xfinity X1, or a BMW X1?
Buying These: Mario 3D World, WWHD, SSB4, SSB4, MK8, Watch Dogs, CoD: Ghosts, Pokemon Y, Zelda: ALBW, X
May Buy These: PS4, Infamous: SS, Destiny, ESO
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