Why did Microsoft go for such weak hardware compared to PS4?

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User Info: TargettPractice

4 years ago#81
The real question is why did they both go for such weak hardware compared to a 3 year old PC?

User Info: paralyzed21

4 years ago#82
they were just doing what they have done every generation
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User Info: Exodus_Prime

4 years ago#83
jZangetsu21 posted...
zephirraines posted...
DelRowe posted...
zephirraines posted...
Yeah the ps4 is so amazing that its first party exclusives all run at 1080p and 60fps! oh wait they don't.......

Oh then it just must be the power of the cell BS all over again with ponies claiming the ps4 to be amazing with no proof to back it.

Proof has been everywhere for the past 4 months. Nobody should have to show you anything, but you're in extreme denial.

Link then and show me this alleged proof. This should be funny.

What's the matter? Didn't your mom teach you to use Google?



And I'm a long time 360 fan but yeah, MS won't be for me this gen.

MS lost me at E3 with all their BS policies and the sudden 180 won't change my mind.

If you get so turned on by power then why not just buy the more powerful machine which is a PC and rock that bad boy? Too cheap? hurt by Microsoft's first policies? feel betrayed? Sony fanboy? all the multiplats will look better on the PC you can bank on that.
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User Info: ButterKnife277

4 years ago#84
lol, both consoles are good. stop arguing over the internet.
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User Info: Shinobi120

4 years ago#86
asher1611 posted...
It's weaker, but not substantially weaker on a PS2/XBOX or PS4/WiiU level.

That said, don't forget that 3rd party devs will likely tailor their games towards the lowest common denominator, meaning games are more likely to be held back by the XBONE to the extent there are hardware limitations instead of devs making a significantly different and better game for the PS4.

MRL3G3ND posted...
MS is taking a que from Nintendo

They know developers develop games for the weakest common denominator, then port them out...

So expect multiplats to be mostly the same looking...because they will be designed for the XB1...

The only difference will be in frame rate and resolution

What is this "lowest common denominator" bull**** that people keeps spouting?

Were the Gamecube & Xbox versions of games held back graphically because of the PS2's larger install base, or because of the PS2's weaker specs? No, they weren't. There are plenty of other examples.

Also, if anything, PC will wind up being the lead platform for most games, or the PS4 will, not the Xbox One, especially when both PC & PS4 are more easier to develop games on.

Heck, it's already happening with Final Fantasy XV already, in which it's the lead platform on either PC or PS4 with the PS4 version being better:



4 years ago#87
People who believe the whole "parity" and "lowest common denominator" stuff are going to be in for a surprise, even at launch there's going to be multi-platform games with differences and the gap WILL widen as time goes on. LCD isn't going to hold back graphics anymore, it holds back game design which is why the Wii was largely ignored when it game to major releases despite the monster user base. The gap between the PS4 and XBO isn't that big to be an issue. Parity is something supposedly SOME publishers/developers might go towards early on for political BS to make MS happy (though that seems odd since it'd seem like Sony would be none too pleased about devs/pubs gimping visuals on their console) but eventually if the PS4 has a significant lead over (which at this point early on is looking highly possible) the XBO less developers are going to be pressured towards it, especially if companies not aiming for that start showing them up to where they look bad allowing the XBO version of a game hold back the PS4 version.

The on paper gap between the PS3 and XB360 was about 13% in the PS3's favor thanks to Cell but in the real world that meant little due to the architecture. Not to mention the two consoles had large differences beyond that. The PS4 and XBO don't, they're almost identical when it comes to the hardware architecture with the only real difference being the RAM set up. Comparing the two in raw performance is a lot more straight forward. The API either console uses be it the XBO version of DX11 or Sony's proprietary API that developers have been raving about doesn't matter beyond the fact that they'll get better as time goes on, especially Microsoft's since they were way behind Sony and drivers that were poor until recently.

MS reconfirming the info that's been out there for months that the XBO reserves 10% of the GPU resources for other tasks means the gap is wider between the two. They may free up some of those resources later on but games will never get full access to it. The PS4 from everything we seen does not have GPU resources reserved for non-gaming purposes. Maybe if MS completely dumps Kinect and snap mode they might but that's not going to happen.

DMND posted...
PS3 was launched a year later and is way more powerful than Xbox360, still most games runs way better on x360 than it does on PS3. Just to name a few that I have for both consoles: Red Dead Redemption, COD: Black Ops, Fallout 3, any Assassin's Creed, Tekken 6, any Ninja Gaiden etc.

The edge for this generation is gonna be the right use of directX11, which was developed by microsoft...

The PS4 doesn't use DX11 but its API already has the features of DX11.2. The "right use of DX11" means nothing.

User Info: Lefty128k

4 years ago#88
zephirraines posted...
DelRowe posted...
zephirraines posted...
Link then and show me this alleged proof. This should be funny.

I already know you're just going to dismiss it as a joke site or say those devs have no idea what they're talking about for some reason, but here you go.


Lol the same Edge article the ponies have been trying to push without reading. Thanks for the laugh kiddo. Oh wow this stuff never gets old. I hope Edge thanks there anonymous devs for the extra clicks from the desperate ponies.

Are you intentionally or accidentally being 100% transparent and predictable?

User Info: mike468

4 years ago#89
Because hardware made such a difference this generation?!
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User Info: embrandedone

4 years ago#90
The news about the limitations due to the kinect should answer you questions, I believe.
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