Name 3 things MS has done WRONG with XBOX ONE

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User Info: Xenobow

3 years ago#31
- Xbox Name
- Forced Kinect
- Always Online

User Info: embrandedone

3 years ago#32
It made the damn thing.

Pretty much needed only one. :P -- The Xbox One Board

User Info: vivalabuck92

3 years ago#33
GotTruth posted...
vivalabuck92 posted...
Also, as an honorable mention, no rerelease of Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor to show how good the game would have been if Kinect actually worked the first go around.

I would pay upwards of 200 buck JUST for a giant mech controller like the one that can with the old XBOX title instead of a kinnect

Actually, this times 10. Damn it was complicated but it was awesome.
Gamertag: NeverTooWhite

User Info: KomradKielbasa

3 years ago#34
Invented dude-bros
Absolutley NO first party
Eat....the MEAT....Of JUSTICE

User Info: Jedi_Wraith

3 years ago#35
vivalabuck92 posted...
NeoMonk posted...
1. What does your Ex have to do with this?
2. It's okay. I'm sure the box the console comes in will be great.
3. Usually boxes come with one. Don't see how that is something wrong with the console.
"If you died from falling off of a high ledge, it was probably your own fault" - Duke Nukem Forever

User Info: mikel93

3 years ago#36
1. Forced Kinect bundle
2. Too much emphasis on entertainment outside games
3. Harder to develop for.

User Info: pigboy

3 years ago#37

User Info: Epic_Bear_Guy

3 years ago#38
Making it 500 bucks.
Losing the trust and loyalty of their fans through ignorant statements and retarded features.
Investing in the kinect instead of making a stronger system.

User Info: green_abobo

3 years ago#39
1. placing the onus on television & other crapps, I mean apps, etc.

of course they're $ makers, for all parties. however, it should be a video game console, not a Skype or Netflix tool. if I wanted this, i'd get a decent tablet & or smartphone, or install these apps on my 360 now.

I already have a cable / internet provider & various device configurations set aside for these purposes.

2. mandatory kinnect

I have no interest in using / looking at this thing, even for my 360. can you place something in front of it? has no one seen 2001: a space odyssey? the matrix? science fiction? i'd agree with the science part, not the fiction though, especially as dynamic AI evolves.

3. bullying me into buying one, by offering less support for the 360, as time passes. (much like the o.g. xbox)

perhaps if there was a way to seamlessly "virtualize" my current 360 game library & configuration, within the constraints of the xbone, wherever & whenever I deem it so, either on or offline. I should have the choice. I spent the $ like anyone.

4. cloud saves

what happens if I lose internet connectivity, say during an auto save in one of those lovely "no manual save / no save copying, moving only" types of games?

5. exclusive hdmi interface

what happens when my hd monitor takes a crap, which it eventually will because they don't make tvs like they used to either.

sure they're better tech. they are nowhere near as durable however. ;p

6. shall I go on?

if these concerns are incorrect, invalid, or unfounded, oh well. not going to place myself in a situation to find out first hand until I've researched things further, & experienced testonials of these transitional growing pains, before coming to a decision.

content to simply pling pling away with what I do have in the meantime.

i would agree the witcher 3 will be epic. a dedicated gaming pc is making more & more sense to me however.

that, I can virtualize.

User Info: Sazerfan

3 years ago#40
1. Making it more expensive when it's weaker (I'm looking at you Kinect)
2. The sleeping DRM inside still worries me
3. Meh Exclusives, although to be honest the PS4 ones doesn't look much better either. Which is why I'm going for the technically more powerful sony
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