Who will win the next gen console wars?

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User Info: dpadominator

4 years ago#11
you should be band from the internet for this kind of dumb.

User Info: Gambitbuzzkill

4 years ago#12
INKU48 posted...
When all is said and done and the consoles are no longer being manufactured, who will have sold the most consoles? I don't want to back the wrong team again.

I will win cause I will have both consoles woot.

User Info: pigman2003

4 years ago#13
It depends on what you mean by "Win". The PS4 will sell more because it's cheaper, that's that, but When it comes to how good a console turns out to be then we'll all have to wait, or you can act like 99% of gamefaqs and talk out of your ass.

And then theirs the money, I'd bet that Microsoft will make more money in the long run, Sony is up in the air when it comes to profit.

User Info: GondolinRises

4 years ago#14
I know who loses. The xb1 trolls on this board. No matter what happens they will always be sad.
Can't keep a good man down. More Fe + C than you.

User Info: Pupu27

4 years ago#15
Shik_stick posted...
Pupu27 posted...
Wii U would be the one that I want to win because among the big 3, Nintendo cares about their customers the most. Realistically Xbone will win though with all the innovation technologies backed by Microsoft's mountain of cash.

You almost had me thinking you were serious for a minute. But either way let me ask you this: where has that innovation and cash gotten them so far? Yeah, nowhere but the ass end of every joke...

TC make up your own mind, but as of right now Sony is winning on all fronts and that'll likely continue.

Don't forget that Microsoft enters the market far later than Nintendo and Sony and XBox right now is already catch up. XBone has much more interesting things going on than PS4 at the moment (kinect, powerful cloud, combining all living room entertainment to one system) and just because some idiots making joke of them doesn't make their achievement less impressive.
I swear I'm nobody alt.

User Info: Dannyson97

4 years ago#16
Though I hope Nintendo would win, it looks like the PS4 just has to much momentum, the Xbox One will be destroyed by it. Luckily the the Wii U is a good companion console and has the best exclusives.
PS4>Wii U> Xbox one
I wish
Wii U>PS4>Xbox one
I'm pro Nintendo, my friend is pro Sony,
my other friend is pro Microsoft.
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