Will you guys miss don mattrick?

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User Info: Second_Hokage

4 years ago#1
He did do good things for xbox as a brand... right?

User Info: Donuts_R_Good

4 years ago#2
He can go have fun thinking of ways to milk money out of FarmVille.
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User Info: OandA_Pest

4 years ago#3
Hell no.

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User Info: Foppe

4 years ago#4
I miss Don Martin.
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User Info: aj4x94

4 years ago#5
Hell no. Even before the whole Xbox One controversy I never liked him. He has such a d-bag face, that makes me want to hit him with a frying pan.

Nothing of value was lost when he got the boot.
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User Info: TheGam3925

4 years ago#6
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User Info: KID VID

4 years ago#7
I miss Don Mattrick. At least my aiming is getting better.
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User Info: Orange_Apples

4 years ago#8
this board was so much more fun when he was around.
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4 years ago#9
Dude was a gif star.

User Info: darkphiresage

4 years ago#10
I know for a fact that sony misses him.
"Dat b**** crazy."
"Ya, b****** be trippin." - every guy ever and his best friend at some point in life.
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