Why do many Xbox owners/buys justify their purchase by saying "I'm not poor"

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  3. Why do many Xbox owners/buys justify their purchase by saying "I'm not poor"

User Info: SilentS89

3 years ago#81
The "I'm not poor" justification is essentially saying "I have enough money to afford making bad purchases".

User Info: Spetsnaz420

3 years ago#82
How many people can't save an extra $100 over the time period we've been waiting? I doubt many if any will buy an X1 over PS4 because they can afford to.
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User Info: tadmfpole

3 years ago#83
The same reason people tell other people to get a job when they disagree on dlc prices. People are ****ing stupid. "I'm not poor" isn't a justification or a reason to buy anything at all regardless of what it costs. But people that aren't smart enough to know that already are going to say stupid things such as.

Why do people use Sony Pony and Xbot as an insult? Because they don't realize that they are literally using slang a 3 year old would use. In their minds they could probably use words like stupidhead and poopface at a celebrity roast and feel like they are really burning someone down.
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3 years ago#84
Orange_Apples posted...
I saw this a lot for a while now. First on 360 it was, "I'm okay with paying for XBox Live because I'm not poor." now it is, "I'm okay with spending an extra $100 on my console because I'm not poor."

Of all the reasons, why is, "I'm not poor" one of the justifications? Not wanting to spend money unnecessarily isn't a sign of being poor, it is a sign of being financially responsible.

Eh, you might as well ask PS4 peeps why they're paying more for that than a WiiU which has free online.

The cheaper option just doesn't offer what they need...for many there isn't an alternative.

Recommending a PS4 to someone used to an Xbox 360 is like :

* Asking why someone who hyped for Pacific Rim why they don't just watch Atlantic Rim instead.
* Telling a fan that they shouldn't worry Street Fighter 5 was cancelled, they can always play Playstation All Stars
* Telling Will Smith he should focus on direct to DVD movies

User Info: _Elite_Bushido_

3 years ago#85
embrandedone posted...
Cuz they're 13 y/o with mommy's pocket money?

I donated over 500 for Mighty Number 9 (pre-emptive bird you-know-what to any who might disagree) so you can tell I'm well-to-do. The fact that I can afford both systems doesn't blind me to how MS is doing its best to destroy gaming.

woah look at this cool guy.
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User Info: zinsindetta

3 years ago#86
I guess because people who do not buy the Xbox One usually blame it on being 100 dollars more then the PS4. Go ask your question to those people on various topics. I am sure it will keep you busy all the way to the new Batman game release.
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User Info: Crayonmuffin

3 years ago#87
It's just a counter fanboy insult to Sony Pony's "YEAH WELL I SAVE 100 DOLLARS WITH PS4". So I don't pay much attention to it.
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User Info: wansanchez

3 years ago#88
Are people still talking about the price difference ?.The only difference i see is that Sony has a cheaper option with less frills.The stuff i have ordered for launch (X1 + Fifa + DR3 + BF4 + 1y sub + £15 card) comes to £567.71.Now ignore the difference between the kinect and the camera,also pretend that my personal choice of exclusive game was a launch title.For the same set-up on PS4 (PS4 + camera + Fifa + BF4 + Infamous + 1y sub + £15 card) it would come to £648.27.

When it comes time to pick up a PS4 the 2 3rd party games will be replaced by the new R&C game and another future exclusive that may catch my eye,of course.And,since i have much less interest in the camera than i do in the kinect,i wont be getting the camera which still puts the PS4 total above the X1 at £596.42.I am going with X1 first because it is cheaper,it has my triple choice of games at launch and,most importantly,all my friends that i will be playing those games with will be on the X1 also.

So i guess the PS4 early adopters would be better suited to use the titles phrase,or maybe i should use it because i plan on getting both consoles eventually.Point is it is a silly comment for anybody to make because if i were poor i wouldn't be looking at either console and if i were rich i would be getting both at there respective launches.And i just realized that its 6am and i'm tired so i apologize if i have rambled on a little :).
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User Info: ukokira1

3 years ago#89
Because they think wasting money makes them look cool.
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User Info: Izec

3 years ago#90
That argument at least might make sense when the strongest hardware is the most expensive.

But Xbox One is weak hardware for a higher price. Even a rich man has no reason to make it his main console.
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