Name your top 5 unannounced game wish list for xb1

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User Info: Darthvade

4 years ago#31
Fallout 4
The Elder Scrolls 6 (i know the MMO is coming but that is not the same)
Perfect Dark (done right this time)
Dynasty Warriors 9 - im an addict.
- Everybody Lies -

User Info: IronSasquatch

4 years ago#32
Your body may be gone, I'm gonna carry you in in my head and in my heart, in my soul.

User Info: djmaster1994

4 years ago#33
Blue Dragon 2 is on DS
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User Info: Phonypapercuts

4 years ago#34
1.battlefield Badcompany 3
2.fallout 4 dead next gen
4.far cry 4
5.crimson skies
Fear is a reaction Courage is a decision

User Info: Demigod_Elessar

4 years ago#35
1. Fallout 4
2. new Mass Effect
3. Halo 5 or Halo 2 Anniversary
4. new KOTOR game (or at least an HD remake of KOTOR I and II)
5. next-gen Koei games, like Dynasty/Samurai Warriors... have a bad feeling they may stick solely with Sony from here on out
Gamertag: Demigod Elessar

User Info: futureops

4 years ago#36
1.Farcry 4
2.Borderlands 3
3.Mass Effect 4
4.Dead Space 4
5.Grand Thef Auto 6
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User Info: enviidisnucca

4 years ago#37
1) Nightmare Creatures
2) House of the Dead (Reboot) Sega
3) Streets of Rage (Sega)
4) Need for Speed Underground 2 (EA)
5) PGR 5

User Info: TaurenStrength

4 years ago#38
1. CastleCrashers2(even though NG said they never would)
2. Lollipop Chainsaw2
3. Split Second2(BS they lost all the original data; explain all the dlc that later came out then)
4. BloodRayne(Seriously it deserves a reboot already)
5. Dj Hero3

And lastly something with uncensored boobs >=(! Seriously we had em in the 1st and 2nd generation of consoles; time to put kinects groundbreaking facial identification system to work and the M rating games actually worth something rather than some sociopathic raving mothers lunacy freak out(Ex, Resident Evil 5 and 6......Seriously!? Lmao)

User Info: GamerRaf

4 years ago#39
FF7 HD remake, Uncharted 4, The Last of Us, Killzone Shadow fall and Kingdom hearts 2.5 HD.
"Lets release a console with no games and no marketing." -Satoru Iwata, 2012
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