Why do you prefer Xbox Live over PSN?

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User Info: MacDaMurderer

4 years ago#21
There is no difference, except that Sony had a cap on how many players could play GTA Online at once.

"In an update issued yesterday, Rockstar resolved a problem where most PlayStation 3 users were denied access to GTA Online due to a server issue where the PlayStation Network was limiting the number of possible concurrent users."

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User Info: BryanPS360

4 years ago#22
It's pretty much just the more efficient UI and Cross-Game chat.

By "more efficient" UI, I refer the the ease of sending/receiving messages, checking achievements (seriously, the trophy sync is annoying), and navigating the online store.

Also, I can change my GT whenever I want (at the unfortunate expense of $10). As far as PSN is concerned, when I get tired of being 'ABNTHUG210' (which I am), I'll to have to make a new account and start fresh.

User Info: zephirraines

4 years ago#23
Trials for all games. Better discounts. More stable. Much better download times. Cross game chat. Actually own the free games.

Psn was good because it was free but now that its not it became pointless for me.

User Info: chrisromans123

4 years ago#24
Biggest thing for me was cross game chat but now Ps4 will do that to.
XDAO Romans

User Info: slyman19

4 years ago#25
I didn`t get hacked with XBL.

User Info: BkzIzu

4 years ago#26
Psn has cross game chat now (PS4/Vita)

User Info: supermoc10

4 years ago#27
zephirraines posted...
Trials for all games. Agreed Better discounts Debatable. I personally think that the only store that that eclipses the PS Store in terms of discounts is Steam. More stable Security-wsie? No way to tell because Anonymous didn't try to hack Microsoft. If the CIA can be hacked, than so can Sony/Microsoft. Much better download times. Depends on if your using Wi-Fi (PS3 uses g while 360 uses the superior n. Both next-gen use n.) and how close you are to the servers. Otherwise, they're both equal. Cross game chat.Agreed Actually own the free games. The PS Plus rentals are miles better than the free X360 games

Psn was good because it was free but now that its not it became pointless for me.
PSN & Xbox Live: supermoc10
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User Info: Troll_Directory

4 years ago#28
SouLeDxOuTxWP posted...
Why do you prefer Xbox Live over PSN?
because nobody talks on PSN, but maybe they will when Sony gives them free headsets like Micro

User Info: EastCoastKody

4 years ago#29
psn is down all the time.

psn contacted me one time and told me to change all my info, because my credit card info may have been stolen.

There are twice the amount of players on XBL compared to PSN

User Info: Madness2012

4 years ago#30
steelix55 posted...
SouLeDxOuTxWP posted...
To quote what I said in another topic:

Well as an owner of both systems I'm gonna list the advantages of both services from my point of view:

Xbox Live-

cross game chat

voice messaging

larger profile section (really comes in handy for people who run clans and want to post info about them or if you just want to share more info about yourself)

can view the friendlist of friends (very handy when searching for similar like minded players)

player reviews

can change my gamertag anytime I want without losing achievements and game data

interface is just better overall imo

Playstation Network-

free of charge

PS+ gives you quite a few free games plus daily game updates

playstation home is a cool unique feature

apps are not behind a paywall

Both have their advantages and disadvantages, and although PS+ is a great valuable service I still prefer all the options I get with XBL since it's service satisfies all "MY" gaming needs. It appears to me that XBL is more geared towards social interactivity whereas PSN is more for hardcore gamers who don't really care about all the other extra bells and whistles. A lot of people may view the things I have listed as being meaningless or unimportant, but I say more options is always a good thing. Even if they don't rank high on your priority list it's still good to know that it is there and you can use it at your leisure.

I agree with all of this as to why I love Xbox Live. PSN on PS3 was a disaster compared to Live, and is a big reason why I'll be buying an Xbox One at launch and waiting a couple of months to buy a PS4. I am not saying PSN on PS4 won't be significantly better, but I want to see it in action first. Xbox One has the controller I prefer, the online service I prefer, and the better launch games for me.

Well said,that's basically why im buying a XBOX ONE day one....over PS4
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