MS should just give up on Kinect

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User Info: jimm120

4 years ago#31
MrImpatient35 posted...
I know it's an unpopular answer, but I wanna wait and see how it's used before I'd like MS to call it quits. I especially wanna see how it's used in horror games, since it can detect your heart beat.

pretty much this.

I've always liked the POTENTIAl of the Kinect when in use with games. Not necessarily Kinect games, but Kinect integrated within the system and games. It can enhance gaming, I think.

That said, what we've seen from Kinect 1.0 has been really, really bad. But the promise is there.

Only problem now is that they're gonna use it to spy on people...not that I am paranoid...but its more about benefiting off of customers without giving them anything in return (which was the problem with the "digital only " stuff that was going on...only benefits were for MS, not for the customers.
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User Info: Dionysus

4 years ago#32
They definitely shouldn't give up on it, but it was probably a mistake to make it mandatory, especially at launch. The Kinect appeals to females and casual family gamers. The people that I know that like motion gaming like the Kinect, and like it more than the Wii. But these people won't be driving console sales until the prices get much lower. And I don't think the fantasy football crowd is going to be as excited about this as MS thinks they will be.
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