So Ryse Son of Rome is a basic Hack and Slash?

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User Info: vivalabuck92

4 years ago#21
Hucast9 posted...
LICKWIDPAlN posted...
Viryu posted...
I will say what I was saying since it was revealed - Ryse is the new Heavenly Sword. It's pretty much the same thing, but set up in a Roman theme. It's also a launch title, and it's meant to show off the graphics. And it will be remembered as such, a launch title. It will literally repeat the fate of Heavenly Sword.

HS actually had good gameplay but the game was cut at the knees by critics who keep saying the game was too short. Little did they know that was a sign of things to come.

If HS was released 2 yeras ago, it would have faired a lot better.

I agree that Heavenly Sword was a good game. Ninja Theory games like Heavenly Sword, Enslaved, and DMC Devil may Cry tend to get bashed a lot, but i'm not on that hate bandwagon.

Sadly, DMC was just dead on arrival because fans didn't approve the change in art style. Ninja Theory makes some pretty fun hack and slashes. I remember back when they were Just Add Monsters and released Kung Fu Chaos. It was such a dumb fun game and I loved it. Everything since then has gotten better in my opinion.
Gamertag: NeverTooWhite

User Info: A_Nonny_Moose

4 years ago#22
All we know if there's a single basic attack chain, a block button, and hundreds of QTEs.
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