How would you like Kinect to be used?

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User Info: straymatter

4 years ago#11
Kinect on Mars

Would love to see the next phase of Mars exploration

User Info: TerraUniverse

4 years ago#12
I think for regular games (like Call of Duty or Halo), Kinect should always be optional.

However, there are ways for a good Kinect game to be made. Having a Kinect-exclusive game is a good way to do it. Something that is designed for Kinect. A game that actually has depth and big content (which most Kinect games have not had) and a game that is not too difficulty to use.

So far, the Kinect has not had a big hit title. They usually don't have the same production value as the regular games.

User Info: Cowboy082288

4 years ago#13
Voice recognition:

One aspect of kinect that I think could be very useful in games in the voice recognition. I think there are a lot of game genres that could benefit from this as far as how sorting threw menus works. To give an example in MGS4 you have a pretty large inventory list. So instead of sorting threw the inventory looking for what you want, you could just say "X Box flash grenades" and then that gets equipped. Thats kind of a small example.

An even better one is that of RPG games. In those types of games you tend to spend a lot of time in menu systems. Obviously your not going to want to get rid of the depth of a traditional RPG menu but in certain cases just saying what you want can be useful. Often times in those games you build your loadout then just kinda stick with that making tweaks and upgrades as you acquire new stuff. If though, you could just say a piece of gear name and then it equips in without any interruption in gameplay that might prove to be a nice feature.

As for somthing a little more exciting I had this idea for a game reminiscent of excite bike for the NES. It was a 2D side scrolling racer, nothing really to note about the gameplay. The interesting feature of the game was that you could create your own tracks. What I thought might be interesting is if someone else in the room could call out various obstacle names, dynamically create these obstacles in the track, with the goal being to thwart the players ability to complete the track in a certain amount of time. This concept could also be applies to the genre they call 'runners'.

Motion Control:

This is definitely the more difficult aspect to incorporate in a game. Most games rely on some kind of twitch response from the player to what is happening on the screen. In a game like SF4 these responses have to be very fast. Motion control does not historically lend itself well to this kind of play. Sony took a shot at shooters with a socom game based on motion control. Most people agreed that while the motion control was kind of neat you could definitely control the game better with a standard controller. MS says they have improved the latency a lot. I still believe pressing a button will be more efficient.

That is not to say that motion control doesn't have some advantages. I think the most distinct advantage is range of motion. The range of motion on an analog stick is very small. This is a large reason why you get more precision and speed from a mouse in a shooter. It's pretty much impossible to say "I'm going to push the analog stick down 11/20th of the way instead of 9/20th of the way to line this shot up". A mouse is a motion controller but without the latency or lack of precision.

So I think these two aspects have to be taken into consideration when building a game that uses motion sensing camera. Pro is greater range of motion, con is latency and lack of precision for small adjustments. So I think a game that really highlights motion control gaming would be a slower paced game but a game that required a good amount of range in each action taken.

I actually have a few ideas on that but would need a whole other post, or two :) Maybe put something up for that tomorrow in this thread.
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User Info: EJH-SEGA

4 years ago#14
Read your choices in a game like Dragon Agw
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User Info: CapnStanky

4 years ago#15
I'd like it to be dipped in concrete, hardened, and then used to beat the inventor of it unconscious.

User Info: Cosmic_Diabetic

4 years ago#16
Guitar hero type game.
they have fitness why not actually have games that teach people to play guitar?
if they can get down to the finger motions then it seems possible.
but then again that type of game would be stupid and people would be frustrated after 3 days of playing realizing they won't be good at guitar for some time and so they'd end up returning the game
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User Info: CapwnD

4 years ago#17
TrackIR, minus the dumb headgear.
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