Only Dead Rising 3 and Ryse do not warrant a purchase at launch.

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  3. Only Dead Rising 3 and Ryse do not warrant a purchase at launch.

User Info: Reaper_Chris92

4 years ago#21
khardbored posted...
ITT: Opinion.

Also it isn't an opinion. The games on a high end PC will play significantly better than they would on the Xbox One.

User Info: BigAl519

4 years ago#22
Reaper_Chris92 posted...
BigAl519 posted...
SadLink posted...
No but,

Dead Rising 3,
Crimson Dragon,
Killer Instinct,

do warrant a purchase at launch.

LOL Thanks for the laugh! DR3 is the only one that will be worth a damn and even its just another overdone genre. The rest are cheap live arcade cash-ins on old names and one very poor QTE game.

The Zombie Genre needs a new direction to go in or for The Walking Dead to die. Either way DR3 is not in the right direction. We have games on PC boasting giant maps, survival, and customization. We have DR3 promoting..... nothing new, a tiny map, and the just the same old same old,. I was SO excited for DR3, but after getting my chance to play it I wasn't impressed and then the map came out and I canceled my preorder on it.

Exactly my thoughts. The problem is most zombie games are about the run and gun rambo BS. DR3 is no exception to this. No one can seem to do a zombie game right. Don't get me wrong, I had tons of fun with L4D. Its just so damn over done now its a joke. When are we going to see a really well done zombie game based on survival and more realism?

From what I understand, State of Decay was/is supposed to be somewhat along those lines. Build a base, sustain it and survive, but I haven't checked it out myself as its a paid beta currently and I haven't read anything about it in a while.

I really feel sorry for those getting themselves so worked up for DR3 like its going to be something special. Its not, its just more of the same without a timer this time. Be fun for a rental you pick up and play between other, better games, but that's about it.
90% DVR 10% Gaming all thrown into one!

User Info: crucial

4 years ago#23
I can't stand PC gaming and all my friends are getting X1 or sticking with 360,and really want DR3 and KI,plus I have like 8 year's worth of XBL and PC does not get all the 3rd party game's I like or get it late like GTA5.

User Info: pigman2003

4 years ago#24
Am I the only one who refuses to play games like CoD ghosts and Battlefield 4 on PC because of the rampant hackers and terrible community?
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  3. Only Dead Rising 3 and Ryse do not warrant a purchase at launch.

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