So far everything I hear is that the DualShock 4 is better than the Xbox One pad

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User Info: teeebz

3 years ago#71
M1911A1 posted...
TargettPractice posted...
Choose a console based entirely on the controller that comes with it. Behold, a new pinnacle of casualness has emerged today!

With a name like targettpractice.....would you buy a gun that wasn't comfortable to shoot?
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User Info: SonyPonyTony

3 years ago#72
I'm going to wait until I hold both, but I think most people are just taken aback by the fact that Sony improved the DS3 so much. It still probably isn't as good as the XBO pad seeing as how that's just an evolution of an already superb controller, but it's still worlds better than the old DS3 design..

User Info: PhaseBlack

3 years ago#73
It doesnt take a genius to see that the DualShock 4 is looking to be one of the best video game controllers created
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User Info: Izec

3 years ago#74
Honestly I just assumed from experience with older models and appearance that the Xbone controller was better than the PS4's.

If Xbone loses in even that area I have no words.
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User Info: QuinnandGoblin

3 years ago#75
I haven't seen people gushing over the DS4 over the X1 controller so much as saying the DS4 closes the gap a little, thats all.

I've played a bunch of games on both consoles at the recent EB Games Expo and prefer the X1 controller by a long shot, despite the fact that yes, the DS4 is miles ahead of the DS3.

Analog placement, buttons, triggers and when you play forza how the triggers change how you races, it makes the DS4 feel behind yet again.

Both systems will have some great games, but if i could play one controller only on both systems it'd be the X1 pad.
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User Info: VanderZoo

3 years ago#76
Fou Lu posted...
Only reason the PS4 controller instantly fails is a Facebook/Twitter button on it.

Why? The share buttons is one of the best features about DS4, I think it's going to be a big game changer. I love that I can just press a button and upload/share video game footage, and it also lets you set up a broadcast so your friends can see what you're playing.

It's an amazing feature. I was just hoping they would give us a screen capture button, Share button goes above and beyond that modest hope.

And of course, if you don't like it, then don't use it! lol. I never understand people who hold options as a negative.
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User Info: CapwnD

3 years ago#77
As long as the DS4 will be close to as good as the 360 controller i'll be happy. If the Xbox One controller is actually better than the 360 controller, then that's great.
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3 years ago#78
Kosmo240985 posted...
Dark World Ruler posted...
Kosmo240985 posted...
Dark World Ruler posted...
Kosmo240985 posted...
the reason the x1 controller will always beat the ps4 controller for me and many friends that i know is the left and right thumbstick placements.

ps4 is too close together its uncomfortable, especially with bigger hands.

Are you kidding? The first thing I noticed with the DS4 is how much space there is between the thumbsticks. The DS3 had thumbsticks that were MUCH closer together, but they are significantly spaced out on the DS4

compared to an x1 controller's still closer together. plus the offset thumbstick design is more comfortable imo. and i know a lot of people agree.

ps4 controller is just so crap designed.

fyi i've held both at demos. still like the xbox better. also i love the xbox triggers.

How can you compare the spacing to the Xbox One pad when they are located in two different areas O_o. Sorry but that is nonsensical

becasue you are comparing the xbox controller to the ps4 controller are you not? this is not a ps3 to ps4 controller topic.

the ps4 placement and spacing of the thumbsticks is uncomfortable and closer than the more comfortable spacing and placement of the xbox one thumbsticks.

it's an apples to apples comparison...

how are you this dense?

its already been provien the spacing will be wider. your opinion on apples is completely wrong. How about exploring facts?

-PS4 will be better for shooters because of the accuracy of the concave/convex thumbsticks, and faster trigger of the L1 and R1 buttons. Hell the DS3 is already the best shooter controller except for the fact that its so damn small.

- Fighters will be better on the DS4 because of the superior D-pad placement.

-Every other genre the DS4 will have the advantage because of more inputs (touchscreen and gyro)

What new thing has xbox brought to the table? Oh more vibration? Thanks MS. The main gripes with the DS3 was the triggers and comfortability. They've fixed both.

how are YOU this dense?

User Info: LightningaIe

3 years ago#79
ste_1 posted...
Dark World Ruler posted...
It's so strange hearing people gush over the DS4 and say it's better than the Xbox One's controller, especially from people who vastly preferred the 360 controller over the DS3.

The common thing for the DS4 is that the thumbsticks are amazingly precise with good grips at the top of them and the shape of the DS4 is the best. Also it seems that MS has a d-pad curse on them because I saw a vid from Blunty's impression of both controllers and he said the d-pad was uncomfortable to use and the DS4's was still better. HE overall said he will be going with PS4 just because of the controller.

Now, what do you think of this? MS once had the largely preferred controller, it helped the brand so much, but this gen it's so different with the DS4 making people fall in love with it. Do you think MS made the right changes or enough changes to the Xbox One controller? I have seen the new triggers and they dont look as tight as the 360's with how wide they are.

I don't know, I'm still getting both but if I prefer the DS4 like everyone else I may hardly use my Xbox One especially with the PS4's power advantage

Just by looking at the ds4 and xbox one pad i prefer xbox1 , its smaller which i prefer.
I also prefer the sticks on xbox one i hate symmetrical sticks on ds4. Also i think the ds4 pad will be too big for young kids to use.

That's actually the main reason why the 360 design is terrible because asymmetrical sticks make absolutely no sense. if you're going to be using them at the same time, it makes sense to have them parallel. You haven't have the triggers asymmetrical now would you?

Besides, it compromises the position of the d-pad which is still an important part of the controller for old school 2D games and fighting games. The analog stick is still accessible and comfortably usable at the bottom. The d-pad...not so much.

Plus, the XB1's d-pad looks like complete ass. Not only is it flattened but it's sunk down into that circular indentation and those setups are never comfortable.

The only flaws with the DS3 were:
*having convex triggers instead of concave ones
*analog sticks were also convex instead of concave
*d-pad doesn't match up to the much superior designed d-pads that the PSP 2-3000 models used.

The DS4 looks to have corrected all those problems. Only issue I see with it so far is that a little too wide and that I personally couldn't care less about a touchpad. The symmetrical sticks and improved d-pad are just icing on the cake.

The 360/XB1 design is only "the best controller ever" if you mostly play just modern games and primarily stick to genres that don't require a lot of frantic and/or calculated button pressing like modern shooter games, RPGs, cinematic "movie games", etc.

But as far as being a controller that accomodate as many genres and gameplay types as possible, the 360/XB1 design fails.

User Info: _Elite_Bushido_

3 years ago#80
I had an Asian girl tell me she likes the ps3 controller better because she has small hands.
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