Toys R US Removes X1 video due to comments

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User Info: ManInGorillaSut

3 years ago#81
AwayFromHere posted...
So, Xbox Live users commented on the video?
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User Info: Izec

3 years ago#82
zephirraines posted...
NeoMonk posted...
First XB1 gets listed as a "HOT TOY" now it's removed :(

This just makes the ps fanbase look bad.

Yes, but they probably wouldn't have been targeted in the first place if they weren't intellectually dishonest with consumers by listing ONLY Xbox One as a "hot toy."

As if it's the only new console.
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User Info: FriedLemon

3 years ago#83
sworder posted...
FriedLemon posted...
It's the internet in general. Frankly, I'd take what the original articles states with a grain of salt. Just take a look at the articles posted on that site for PS4 and X1. Completely biased.

Edit: I'm referring to where the article originated from which was

xbox one expected to outsell ps4 in uk
ps4 built using forced labor
sony to censor indies
nfs no longer ps4 launch title
xbox one does not collect personal data for advertising
ps4 uk preorder shortage

MS shills

Looking at those articles it wouldn't surprise me if it was a MS shill site. If it is though then MS needs to hire better shills, one look and anyone with a brain knows not to take anything on that site seriously.
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