Are game developers abandoning Xbox?

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User Info: beerhammer1

3 years ago#81
How is it "awkward"? I read it and didn't find it "akward" at all.

Pro-tip: "Awkward" is, for example- when you are at a fancy restaurant and go to the bathroom and forget to put your "crank" back in your pants and when you return to your table the entire restaurant stops what they are doing and stares at you and your exposed "crank". "Awkward" is when at your wedding, your mother kisses your bride, and uses her tongue- This kinda crap is "awkward" , "Game developers abandoning Xbox" is not.

Hope this helps! :)

User Info: kyncani

3 years ago#82
Viryu posted...
zinsindetta posted...
ExampliaGratia posted...
Xeeh_Bitz posted...
Cosmic_Diabetic posted...

Don't forget, Killer Instinct, running at 720P

Oh no not 720p how will we survive.

Haha, spoiled kids nowadays do not understand what we went through growing up playing our Commodore 64's and NES games.

To be fair, it were Xbox fanboys that started this whole campaign with how their games will run in 4k.

Xbox One vs Commodore 64 ...

User Info: Ryan-06

3 years ago#83
They should tc. Xbone will be a digital Titanic one day. something is gonna rip a big hole in it, and it will be abandon ship! -wisdom
0=Rei. Pronounced Rei-six. Born New England. Lived in Japan. Citizen of Earth. Want to move to Canada.

User Info: XBOXvsPC

3 years ago#84
"Are game developers abandoning Xbox?"

Yes, they are. Full support on PS4
"Now you're talking to me baby! That I like! Keep it coming!" - Tony Montana

User Info: icelt

3 years ago#85
L O effn L.

Let's see. TC uses brain. TC then reports facts based on independent cranium use. TC is then flamed by brown eye bleeding, blinder wearing 'bone shills. Lolly pop lulz ensue.
PSN: icelt
"Beaker on a Hot Tin Roof"
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