day one setup question

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User Info: daverraver7

4 years ago#1
I have been a bit out of the loop with the xbox one as im choosing the ps4 as its more affordable for me( miss you halo) so the console will need an internet connection for first time setup? Is this still the case? If so wil this still not effect alot of people or be a big inconvenience? What about the soldiers serving our countrys? It makes no difference if DRM was removed for them as they still need a connection(I dont know how easily the internet is to acquire for them) I personally feel microsoft have tainted the xboxone with the previous drm issue and the price. I dont want to pay more money for a kinect as I had the original kinect and personally thought it was a waste of money and lost trust in it. Excuse my rant, I just think screwed up big time and have lost loyal customers including myself. I hope it does well and I hope halo does really well.

User Info: Skynet82997

4 years ago#2
Welcome to 4 months ago.
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User Info: Newmoon

4 years ago#3
The system still requires a one time Internet connection.

I think that the change is largely because ms is trying to push their online content as it has much more potential then simply selling video games.

If they can get decent streaming up for tv content , ad money will go through the roof
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