If you could get 2 free consoles. Whats your combo and why?

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User Info: Ultimate_Broly

4 years ago#11
PS4 and Xbone because I have everything else :/. Minus the medium pc, mine is pretty high end, or rather it was last year.

User Info: stawg007

4 years ago#12
X1 and ps4

Nintendo is garbage and PC doesn't interest me

User Info: qachargh

4 years ago#13
Xbox One and another Xbox One when they release the inevitable mid-cycle refresh.
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User Info: ILikesCheese

4 years ago#14
mindoftwomorons posted...
With Wii U being the cheapest of the bunch I would rather get the PS4/X1 and buy the Wii U separately.

This is really the only response that makes any sense in this scenario.

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User Info: maheo30

4 years ago#15
Medium strength pc and X1.
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User Info: robert43s

4 years ago#16
PS/3 and PS/4. There are a lot of PS/3 games I wouldn't mind playing (I have a Xbox 360). Until Xbox one drops the mandatory kinnect, I will not touch it. I also already have a medium spec PC.
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User Info: rusty12000

4 years ago#17
PC because its the best platform of them all, and PS4 because its nice to play on consoles sometimes.

I am pretty skeptical about buying a Wii U only because i barely even touched my original Wii so i feel like i am just throwing away money. And the Xbox one,,.. I think i am done with Microsoft for awhile, at least until they get there **** back together. Windows 8 was god awful, and the Xbox one basically speaks for itself, a console that's main goal is to watch you watching advertisement, and seeing how you react...... Sounds.,... Fannn-tastic....
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User Info: SuperSocrates

4 years ago#18
PS4 and Wii U. Second choice would be PC and PS4.
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User Info: AceVirus

4 years ago#19
>Take two free Xbox Ones.
>Sell both.
>Continue PC gaming.
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User Info: TreGooda

4 years ago#20
PS4 and X1

I have everything else.
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