Microsoft hates Ohio

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User Info: BoomerTheGreat

4 years ago#31
2ndAtomisk posted...
They heard how Youngstown is the worst place to live in the world and decided to stay far from it.

Ive been to Youngstown quite a bit and its not that bad because property taxes are so low. It doesnt look exciting though kinda boring.
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User Info: BadLuckInc

4 years ago#32
darkphiresage posted...
it's cool tc, at least you don't live in wisconsin, or nebraska, or either of the dakotas. I never hear anything about do they do over there? o_O

Lol Wisconsin has (2) stops for us... some states have (0) or only (1). WE must be doing something right =)
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User Info: Joey-Zaza

4 years ago#33
Where is Ohio anyway? Isn't it like North of Mexico?
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User Info: streamjumper

4 years ago#34
Killah Priest posted...
EVERYONE hates ohio.

its like whats the point why does it even exist.

As a hate sink. They've got to draw off some of the excess negative feelings that people direct at New Jersey to prevent it from reaching some kind of hate singularity.
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