Bad sign? XBOX ONE eBay sales are tanking.

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User Info: TheSL1Club

4 years ago#41
TrickyPony posted...
AnbuSpecialist posted...
ARE YOU SERIOUS?! Either someone is a hardcore xbox fanboy or its an MS employee trying to gather hype.

Same bidder, increases the bid on himself over and over again.

it would seem many people are ignorant of how ebay works. Let me explain it for you. When you bid on an item you place a starting bid and a maximum. Say you start at $5 and place a maximum of $50. The site lists the $5 starting bid. I come along and bid $10, but since you have me covered with your max the site autoraises the current bid to $10 but you hold it still. I still want the item so I bid $20 now but you still have me covered. Now the site lists the current bid as $20 with you still owning it. I go to $30, to $40, to $50 and you STILL have the high bid. Now I bid $60 and I hold the high bid finally. The bidding history looks like this....

Me...... $60

Are you some casual at EBAY? Usually people will make a one time bid for the amount they would like to purchase the item for, anything higher they would reconsider and check back later, only kids bids with increment like that or someone that has other objectives. If the current item price say is at $150 and I'm willing to pay $200 to get it nothing more, I will bid $200, if I get it good, if I don't, I check back later and reconsider, people don't bid with increment, even less when they are the actual wining bidder.
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User Info: lilj812

4 years ago#42

I don't know if people will be able to see my results. But in oregon they are available literally everywhere. Not sold out anywhere.
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User Info: MasteroftheArts

4 years ago#43
The idea that they're sold out everywhere is absurd. My Best Buy has never sold out of them since they started taking preorders. Picked one up with relative ease.
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User Info: BrownGotti

4 years ago#44
The Xbox One has been sold out everywhere. The only reason people are finding Xbox Ones at Bestbuy is because they just added stock less than 24 hours ago.

User Info: tadmfpole

4 years ago#45
I would think if a Day One edition were worth 5 grand to you, and were that important to you, you probably would have been first in line to preorder one and not get fisted on Ebay trying to get one.
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User Info: JessofBlades

4 years ago#46
lol, at $5000 one. I just hope the ps4 is gloriously sold out for maximum flippage >_>

MrImpatient35 posted...

I haven't bid on something on eBay in a while, but isn't the way it works is that you can bid a crazy amount, but if you win the bid, you wont be paying that much? Like say the starting bid is $500, and you bid something like $1000. Don't you pay way less than that if you win? Forgot how it works.

Yes, say you bid $1000 on an auction in progress that's at $550, and the current top bidder bid $600 as their max. You'd be the top bidder with whatever the increment is (say $605) and it would go up to $1000 if other people kept bidding, until the auction ends or you are finally outbid
Mez Static Merizer 4 years ago#47
No way that $5000+ auction for the Day One console is legit. Sure, the winner is a regular Ebay user, but it's possible it could be the seller's alternative account or a relative's or friend's account helping him out. Also, the fact that he is a regular Ebay user (100+ ratings) means he should know how to Ebay! Meaning he should know how to browse other auctions and see that they are selling way less than what he bid.

EDIT: Seeing as how the winner posted a max bid of $5000, then proceeded to outbid whoever outbid him, I'm even more suspicious. Like seriously, if this was a legit auction, if someone outbid you for an item going for way less on average across other auctions, you want to outbid that person? I believe there are irrational people out there, but when it comes to the market, no one behaves that irrationally. I feel like maybe the seller was testing the waters to see how much he could upsell?
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