Disappointed by the X1 exclusives

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User Info: _DevilBob_

3 years ago#21
TC, for speaking badly about anything related to Microsoft I am afraid I must label you a troll, a fanboy and a shill.

Welcome to the Internet.
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User Info: RemakeMe

3 years ago#22
DesperateMonkey posted...
LOL @ TC and ReMaKe...

The Order is a launch title? Sony has really brainwashed you guys good. In fact, out of the 7 "launch titles" TC lists, only 3 are available at launch...

Its also a hilarious list compared to the XB1 list if we are going far into 2014. XB1 has

Crimson Dragon
Dead Rising 3
Sunset Overdrive
Black Tusk game
Halo 5
Quantum Break
Kinect Sports Rivals
Fable Legends
Forza 5
Killer Instinct
Project Spark
PvZ Garden Warfare

This silly troll doesn't like ANY of those games but bends over when the PS4 launches with the most generic flashy shooter in the entire industry...

I didn't say i didn't like any of those games but the "REAL" exclusives not timed ones will beway better than anything Microsoft has to offer...also whats to like about Black Tusk Game? Something we LITERALLY know nothing about? And 1886 is coming in the launch window while it's unlikely Sunset Overdrive and Quantum Break will be out next year....and yes it's hilarious indeed compared to your list. Crimson Dragon and Kinect Sports Rivals? PvZ Garden Warfare will be out on PS4 too... Halo 5. Good series but global appeal is losing steam, a bit and is under unproven developers hands. Destiny will destroy Halo 5... So it's not in the spotlight any longer. Ryse is not even worth mentioning, maybe a decent game but will be easily forgotten and has more chance being a bust than being great honestly. One pushed Kinnect to the consumers and there is not even a Killer App for it on launch. What purpose is it again? The console screams rushed just to compete with PS4 launch date.

So enjoy Xbox which will probably be faulty lunch console with unpolished launch games then eventually have no exclusives worth mentioning...While i enjoy GOTY material from developers like Naughty Dog (which are two devs remember). Microsoft has no GOTY exclusive quality devs. So enjoy missing out on all the hype year after year from the GOTY awards that you cannot play outside of multi-console goty games which of coarse will run better on PS4 as well. Then in time PS4 exclusive line up will be 4-1 compared to Xbox One. Such obvious this is how it plays out. Unless your some kind of die-hard Halo and Gears fan (which is FINE btw) but i cannot fathom how anyone could back Xbox really if they are not diehard fans of those series. It's like buying Nintendo but not caring about Mario or Zelda games. Oh and Killer Instinct fans too, but it's a poor reason to use this game as to support the launch line-up is better if your not into the FGC or a diehard Killer Instinct fan (I'm FGC player) I doubt any of you will spend any serious time on that game, especially since there's no story and online will be ran by hardcore players. So if you think mashing buttons vs your baby brother is gonna have long universal appeal keep dreamin. May as well not even mention the game.
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User Info: vanalpsen

3 years ago#23
What if I say that both PS4 and XBox One has terrible launch titles?
Will saying that make me a PS4 fanboy or XBOX fanboy?

Oh BTW I have PS3 and XBox 360 but until now I don't have any plan to buy any of next gen console.
Because both systems has bad launch titles.
I'm still old enough to play games

User Info: zinsindetta

3 years ago#24
This bullspit better count as trolling or the mods are bias jerks
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User Info: DesperateMonkey

3 years ago#25
I couldn't even finish reading that silly rationalizing post ReMake just put out...

Apparently, Halo 5 isn't going to be great because it is "losing steam" even though the last game sold the best of all and completely overshadows every title he has listed for the PS4 so far. Do you even realize the double standards you are putting up?

Also what exclusives vs timed exclusives? First of all, who cares if they are timed? You don't get to play them at the launch window or 2014. Secondly, how is 1886 confirmed for launch window? We don't even have a launch date. So you make up good launch dates for PS4 games and make up bad launch dates for Xbox One games? Desperation has a middle name... Its Remakeme...

Kinect Sports Rivals what? Kinect Sports was pretty fun and was reviewed well. Now we can't enjoy games because YOU don't like them? Wow...
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3 years ago#26
To be fair both consoles have about 5 decent exclusive retail games for launch and I'm being generous about that five...

At the most I'd only pre-order 2 or 3 of those games on PS4/Xbone. Rest I'm gonna Gamefly.

User Info: Chargrilled

3 years ago#27
Snickers085 posted...
This topic is new and exciting.
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User Info: caffiend7

3 years ago#28
They both suck but ill get a PS4 in about 3 years, but I'm never getting an Xbone.

User Info: chrish909

3 years ago#29
NathanDrakeSwag posted...
I don't see a single one that I'm interested enough to buy. For PS4 I see

Killzone Shadow Fall
inFAMOUS Second Son
The Order 1886
Yakuza Ishin
Guilty Gear Xrd

After such a long gen I really wanted to buy both consoles but the X1 exclusives are just not very appealing.

This really made me lol. There is no gameplay of the order and yakuza, so you arent excited for x1 games but you are for cgi trailers. Its well known that ps4 exclusive are trash so far, but we can live in make believe world if you want. I cant wait for killfail 4or 5 or whatever, its looking like a very promising fps Im sure it will outsell any version of bf4 or cod ghosts.(sarcasm, killzone will be brutally violated by cod and bf4, I cant wait). Infamous looks decent, but very bland and dull for an open world game, it will likely get good reviews(due to sony fanboys having a tantrum if it doesnt) but it will likely be empty world trash like the others. Knack, if you are excited for this I I imagine you are 13 or younger. Driveclub is a real game? Or you can only do time trials.

X1 lineup mops the floor with ps4s. I cant tell if tc was being sarcastic.
Sony promised 30 first year exclusives for ps4 first year. Too bad they are mostly indy titles.

User Info: DyingPancake

3 years ago#30
lol @ how much RemakeMe actually cares about idiotic fanboy system wars

A new level of pathetic
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