Xbox Has Already Won This Console War

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User Info: bman52480

4 years ago#81
Not sure if troll or actual beliefs.

But anyway.....

MMA game would sell exactly 14 total consoles.

KOTOR would never be MS exclusive since EA owns the Star Wars license now.

And PS4 is cheaper and wil have Naughty Dog exclusives eventually (Uncharted and Last of Us)

Also: Who cares, buy the console you like and I will be the one I like.
We don't have time for this, the Pasteur's core is going to breach!!

User Info: Drain_Bead

4 years ago#82
JohnHalo343 posted...
....Yep, Once we get an MMA Kinect game....

I refuse to sweat while playing and drinking beer. And then of course there's Lucas Arts...because...well, it was just sad is all. I would consider buying a console just for KOTOR III though.

User Info: deadmarv

4 years ago#83
JohnHalo343 posted...
Xbox One is gonna kill this generation.

Yep, Once we get an MMA Kinect game, people will rave at how much they unexpectedly enjoy the Kinect and how they couldn't imagine it could be used in such innovative and competitive ways.

343 will learn from their mistakes and will develop the 'Halo 2' of this upcoming Gen. Gamers will flock en masse at its unprecedented beauty and unparalleled competitiveness. Every 12 year old will ask their mom to buy the Xbox One for this game. And to those that say "Xbox One is gonna win with 12 year-olds?" The answer is a resounding "sort of".

And then Microsoft will throw in the knockout punch nobody seen coming, an exclusive KOTOR III. This will seal the fate of the console war once and for all in Microsoft's favor. Its unrivaled customization and compelling story will reign in the floods of gamers for the RPG fix they so crave.

And finally, the Xbox One is the underdog, and the laws of the universe state the underdog always win. It'll be the classic Rocky moment played out with electronic entertainment. PS4 will appear to have the Xbox One on the ropes, but the Xbox One will bide its time until it sees and opening it can capitalize on. Cold, cerebral, and calculating, that is how the console war will be won.

Calling this a reassurance topic will be considered as admitting the Xbox One is the clear and honorable winner because you fear it.

Dissenters, bring it. *raises the people's eyebrow*

If this guy's the official voice of the xbox one community, I feel sorry for them.

User Info: deadmarv

4 years ago#84
vanalpsen posted...
Can Xbox fanboys and Sony fanboys shut up.
Why don't all of us wait until the end of November to see the result of this stupid war.

Seriously you guys are iritating, teenagers that need to be spanked.
Why can't all of you make this site a great welcoming site for gamers that love games.
If you want to fight, go fight at IGN, Gamespot or other game websites.

You can't bring logic to these boards, hell I made a thread to ask the sony fanboys to stop trolling the xb1 fanboys and it got DELETED.

User Info: EGMRULZ

4 years ago#85
MEFreak1984 posted...
TC, I think you mean Xbone is gonna GET killed this Gen.

lol - that's what I was thinking when I read the topic

User Info: jrb363

4 years ago#86
KOOGAR posted...
Wow, I bet the other kids at kindergarten think you are smart, but here on gamefaqs ............
Mod: Preaching about black people's values, or lack thereof, is not going to win you any awards around here.

User Info: art_of_the_kill

4 years ago#87
chrish909 posted...
Ps is a dying brand. Ps2 sold like 130 mill. Ps3 sold like 80 mill, and thats with being the cheapest blueray player upon release. Ps4 isnt going to sell well until they release an enticing game.

Sony is going out of business soon regardless of how ps4 sells, so this arguement is pointless anyway.

So. Much. Ignorance.
"You've lost this argument!"
--- John Marston while lassoing/hogtying someone. Favorite quote this gen.

User Info: ecylis

4 years ago#88
Yes. Xbox has won the console war already by not doing any of that. Are you stupid? Wow. I really hope this is a troll effort, because that was just dumb.

User Info: LEGEND_725

4 years ago#89
after the vita and the PS3 I have no faith in sony so I'm not jumping on the hype train. PS3 was literally garbage until like the last year of it's lifespan lol
if you have accepted Xbox One as your lord and savior and are 100% proud of it put this in your sig

User Info: BannanaBomb2002

4 years ago#90
All of this sounds like crap.
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