disappointed i have to get an xbone

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User Info: M1911A1

4 years ago#21
Fordana posted...
waited too long to preorder and all ps4 preorders were sold out :(

literally the bundle version of xbone sold out as i was checking out and had to go standard.

not trying to troll though, i have my reasons. price was one reason. also, console failure rate for 360 was another reason. i do enjoy xbox multiplayer more, i just hate microsoft...guess i will be joining you guys then..

I'll sell you my preordered PS4 for $600 plus shipping.

User Info: mfv12979

4 years ago#22
You don't have to get one. I haven't preordered xbox or ps4. I'm waiting for a little bit longer. I want to see how xbone and ps4 do. Before making my decision. I didn't even buy a ps3 even though i got bombarded with RROD with 360. Right now i'm making a wise decision by waiting.
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